Big Surprise, Everything Works out for Entourage

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How will they resolve all the cliffhangers from the series finale?

In a final twist that only could have been predicted by anyone who’d ever seen any random episode of Entourage, everything worked out okay in the end. Yes, according to a Deadline report for some reason there’s going to be an Entourage movie.

This resolution marks the end of a couple of years of meandering, pointless low stakes dramedy about whether or not there was going to be an Entourage movie, a storyline very much befitting the show itself. Excitingly, the Deadline report says that deals are already being made with Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase) Kevin Connolly (“E”) Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama) and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) as well as with Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold). Can you believe all those guys were available!? What a coup!

As this excellent Amos Barshad post on Grantland points out, this is a very weird instance of the whole TV show revived as movie phenomenon. Typically this occurs when the TV show in question is either a cultishly adored show that was canceled before it told its full story (a la Firefly/Serenity) or happens when the show is such a huge/lucrative phenomenon that the powers that be can’t stand to just let it fade away (a la Sex and the City or The X-Files). Entourage, which already had an absurdly long run on HBO from 2004-2011, doesn’t really fit into either category. And, in that time it was already able to tell every single story about the characters that even the most hardcore fan could possibly want to see told. In addition, the series finale unsurprisingly already resolved everything for everybody with yet another patented Entourage happy ending for everyone following minimal, low stakes drama.

However, if series creator Doug Ellin is having trouble coming up with a script in these circumstances, this Sean O’Neal post from last September already does most of the work for him.

Doug Ellin says he’s almost done with the Entourage movie script that we went ahead and wrote for him [AV Club]

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