Barbra Streisand Latest Addition to Starry Roster of Oscar Night Singers

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Barbra Streisand

If you love Barbra Streisand but don’t want to spend $500 to see her perform, here’s your chance.

The satin-voiced songstress will sing at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony, her first appearance there since 1977. It is not known what Streisand will do, Vulture reports, though I have some recommendations:

1.) Re-team with singer/songwriter Paul Williams, the subject of the lovely documentary “Paul Williams: Still Alive,” to perform their 1976 smash, “Evergreen.” That would cap off a nice comeback for Williams and help squelch Streisand’s diva reputation. 

2.) “Gangam Style.” Imagine Streisand in a $10,000 Chanel gown doing the stupid giddy-up dance while belting Korean lyrics. I’d watch the Oscars just for that.

3.) Join fellow Oscar performers Adele and Norah Jones to sing “movies’ most memorable songs”…or something to that effect.

4.) Remember that Best Picture medley Billy Crystal used to perform during his monologue? Don’t do that.

5.) “Thirty-five years ago, America was defined by road comedies. Now, here to perform ‘East Bound and Down,’ the one and only Barbra Streisand!”

6.) “The success of ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ highlighted America’s love of video games. Now, here to sing “Pac-Man Fever”…Barbra Streisand and Ms. Pac-Man!”

Aside from Streisand, Adele, and Jones, there’s a tribute to the “renaissance” of movie musicals. And host Seth MacFarlane fancies himself a singer, so I’m sure he’ll belt a tune or two. The Oscars promises to be very musical, which is fine. Just don’t involve “Rock of Ages” or Russell Crowe.


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