Can You Handle the Crazy Charm of the “Journey to the West’ Trailer?

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It’s been nearly a decade since director Stephen Chow has given us one of his crazy kung-fu epics but it was definitely well worth the wait because “Journey to the West” looks like it could be Chow’s wildest, and most importantly, weirdest film to date.

 Supposedly based (loosely, I’d imagine) on an old Tolkien-esque novel and looking like a gentle spoof of Tsui Hark’s Zu: Warriors of Magic Mountain, Journey to the West is a frustrating trailer to watch because it’s the kind of movie you want to see right away but you can’t. Even worse, Fox hasn’t set a release date for this in the US, so who knows if we’ll ever get to see this.

But in the meantime, If you don’t find it too frustrating, watch the trailer and carefully soak in all of it’s buck-ass, nutty charms like the cheerful dancing ghosts, sword-wielding monkey men, a woman in a fat suit running in slow motion, people being disintegrated by apparently the same golden rings that pop out of Sonic the Hedgehog’s face when he’s injured and a man in a matted Justin Guarini wig being forced to suck something out of some part of a vicious pig man. If none of that excites you, you better lay down on the ground because you are dead inside and out.

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