Kroll Show Gets Second Season

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Nick Kroll

There were a whole lot of years there in which I didn’t watch anything on Comedy Central besides Stewart, Colbert and South Park. I’m not a Tosh fan, got sick of those celebrity roasts pretty quickly, and never really warmed to much of the other sketch and sitcom stuff they were putting on the air for awhile.

But between the great sketch show Key & Peele and the side-splitting, often surreal sitcom Workaholics, Comedy Central looks to be in the middle of a big comedy resurgence. Earlier this month saw the arrival of the latest hit, Kroll Show, a highly amusing sketch comedy show starring comedian, The League co-star and Nate Silver lookalike Nick Kroll.

News came Wednesday (via Deadline) that Kroll Show, after just two episodes, has been renewed for a second season. The network was even funny in the way they announced it:

“Nick plays his characters with such comedic conviction, it’s become obvious he has a serious personality disorder,” said Comedy Central’s president of original programming Kent Alterman. “We hope another season will help him discover who he really is.

The show had a dynamite first episode, including a couple of note-perfect reality TV parodies, some character bits, and something called “Sex and the City For Dudes.” And the second show wasn’t far behind. Kroll’s NBA ref sketch was a quick hit:

The show airs Wednesdays at 10:30 Eastern, after Workaholics. 

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