DVD Review: Above Suspicion Set Two

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There are few things in life quite as satisfying as a good murder mystery, and a lot of good murder mystery series come from our friends out at Acorn. They sent over a copy of “Above Suspicion Set Two” for us to review–which will hit stores February 5–and the question here would be is this a good murder mystery, or indeed, is it nothing quite as satisfying as a good murder mystery?

“Above Suspicion Set Two” rejoins us with DI Anna Travis. She’s recently been promoted, and now she’s joined up with DCS James Langton. They’re out to investigate a murder, and the victim was a former police officer himself, not to mention one of Langton’s closest friends. Travis and Langton’s investigation turns up a vial of a newfound street drug with the oddly accurate and vaguely cruel name of “Drop Dead”. But who’s behind Drop Dead? Who’s behind the death of Langton’s friend and former fellow officer? The pursuit is now personal for Travis and Langton, and they’ll be going a long way up the ladder to discover that the Drop Dead conspiracy goes much, much farther than they could have ever thought.

What’s particularly interesting here is that this set covers just three episodes, but covers the entire “Deadly Intent” storyline. There’s quite a bit going on here, though this won’t take quite as much time to cover as some earlier Acorn releases. It’s quite a bit of fun, and since everything goes into one case, the whole set will be very accessible. Those who were hoping for the complete season–or series as I believe it’s called in Great Britain–will be disappointed, but there’s still plenty to enjoy here.

“Above Suspicion Set Two” is a welcome treat, a masterfully-executed crime drama. There’s quite a bit of blood here, but there are also some fantastic twists and turns here. This is a sound suspense-thriller in most every sense, a terrific slice of crime drama welcomed by every CSI fan ever minted.

As for special features, there will be some of those here. You’ll have a few sound featurettes here, information about the cast, the guest cast, parts of the crew. You’ll have an interview with and a biography of Lynda La Plante, who wrote the original novels that yielded “Above Suspicion”, a photo gallery, cast filmographies, and a behind the scenes featurette which the DVD menu even considerately informs us “may contain plot spoilers”. That’s unusual, and frankly, I approve.

“Above Suspicion Set Two” is wonderful crime drama, with a few good laughs, a little romance on the side, and an extremely powerful main plot. Frankly, any crime drama fan, plain drama fan, or most anyone should find this sound material and well worth picking up, be it in rental or full purchase.

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