Mike Judge’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Pilot for HBO Casts TJ Miller

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Fans of “Office Space” and its withering portrayal of a life wasted inside a cubicle, will be happy to know that Mike Judge, along with his frequent collaborators John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, will be giving us the single-camera comedy pilot Silicon Valley for HBO.                                          

Deadline, is reporting that Silicon Valley will star comedian TJ Miller as the egocentric owner of a  firm called Hacker House and Thomas Middleditch (who was apparently going to play Dwight’s brother in the unsold Office spin-off The Farm) as an awkward tech nerd who wishes that life was as simple as the software code he writes. The pilot, which has the potential to combine the dark satire of Office Space with the heart of King of the Hill, will be directed by Judge with a script he co-wrote with Altschuler and Krinsky.  

All in all it’s pretty promising news if only for the fact that the severely underrated talents  of Altschuler and Krinsky  are being properly utilized once again and won’t be wasted on writing screenplays for live-action Woody Woodpecker movies. C’mon Hollywood! Show these guys a little respect. They created Jimmy Wichard for criminy’s sake! C’mon!

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