Brett Favre Joins NFL Network’s Super Bowl Coverage

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Brett Favre, the legendary quarterback/waffler/jeans pitchman, will help out on NFL Network’s 10 hours of Super Bowl coverage this Sunday. That’s right, 10 hours.

It’s been a rough couple of years for Favre: the back-and-forth dramatics about returning to the NFL, that dreadful last season in Minnesota, the Deadspin investigation that is so NSFW I’m not even going to link to it. Maybe the NFL Network gig will pave the way to a broadcasting career, where he’ll advise every quarterback to throw the ball into double coverage and “just have fun out there.”

Favre didn’t talk about his future TV plans with the Associated Press, but said that he’s looking forward to connecting again with NFL fans. Here’s a piece of advice to help with that: don’t send photos of your genitalia to anyone. In fact, let’s all pull our phone away from our waistbands, shall we?  

Oh, and Favre shouldn’t connect with the fans like Dan Marino did.

The days of quarterbacks being golden boys are long gone. No wonder so many people love Tim Tebow.

Brett Favre to join NFL Network for Super Bowl (Pro Football Talk)

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  • douglas ferraez

    Exactly why we love Tebow.