Duncan Jones to Direct ‘World of Warcraft’ Movie

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Legendary Entertainment has tapped “Source Code” director Duncan Jones to adapt World of Warcraft into a movie. After The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, Jones took to his Twitter feed and confirmed it.

“So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago: Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game. I’ve always said it’s possible. Got to DO it now!,” he said.

It’s slated for a 2015 release and will have a budget in excess of $100 million. This is the biggest project of the young filmmaker’s career. The popular MMO is one of the most well-known online games in the world. The devotion of its fans is well-known, so there’s a lot of pressure to please them. Also, 2015 is going to be a crowded year for blockbuster flicks. J.J. Abrams’ first “Star Wars,” “Avengers 2″ and possibly Warner Bros.’ Justice League movie are all targeting 2015. Of course, the Justice League film has been the stuff of rumor – almost as long as the WoW movie project.

Blizzard Entertainment first announced a WoW film in 2006, and then “Spider-Man” trilogy director Sam Raimi was to helm the project. When he took the reins of “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” Blizzard had to move on with another director. I’ll believe this project is happening when I see a trailer. Almost every popular video game has had a movie pitch including a Gears of War idea by the late Tony Scott. Only a precious few actually make it onto the screen. Many that do, such as “Super Mario Bros,” really never should have. The “Resident Evil” films have been critically savaged, but very financially lucrative.

WoW has that same potential. The games are one big series of all-out battles for the fate of fantasy realm Azeroth. The source material for a trilogy or more of movies is there. Jones knows the hurdles of the genre and seems to want the challenge.

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