‘World War Z’s’ Super Bowl Teaser Trailer Lacks Important Element: Zombies

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If, for whatever reason, you’ll be missing the big football game between Man United and Real Madrid this Saturday (Sunday? Does that sound right? Eh, who cares? I can’t summon up enough energy to give the proper amount of shits with this)  this teaser trailer for “World War Z” is one of the many amazing and delicious commercials you will never be able to see ever again unless you own a television and watch it any day after The Supergame ( Is that right? The Wonder Showdown? The Killerbowl? Again, I’m still struggling to give a respectful level of shits here).

At any rate, this teaser trailer is interesting in that it carefully avoids the whole zombie aspect of “World War Z” which is a bizarre choice. Wouldn’t you want to let people know that your zombie movie has zombies in it? It would be like editing together a trailer for “The Avengers” that is just a minute and 30 seconds of Phil Coulson and Pepper Potts awkwardly discussing last night’s episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker.

Has the zombie backlash finally begun? Can we breathe easier in knowing that a bullet has finally penetrated the diseased brain of America’s single-minded obsession with zombies? I guess we’ll find out this summer.


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