At the End of the Day: 30 Rock, Race, Band Names, Coastal Snobbery and Killer Bob

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Wesley Morris’ piece about 30 Rock and race has the best headline of the year: “30 Rock Landed on Us” (Grantland)

An oral history of “Pulp Fiction” (Vanity Fair)

Basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reviews Girls. Yes, really (Huffington Post)

How it all went wrong for Smash in season 1 (Buzzfeed)

 Kroll Show performs a complete evisceration of the Black Eyed Peas’ entire career (Comedy Central)

An excellent list of funny band names (Eric’s Band Names)

Against “coastal snobbery” (NPR)

20 years of “Groundhog Day” (Vulture)

All about Twin Peaks‘ “BOB” (The Awl)

NBC’s Do No Harm got the worst ratings for the premiere of a scripted network TV show in history (Buzzfeed)

The case against Netflix releasing whole TV seasons at once (Warming Glow)

Animal Planet is planning a show called Top Hooker– it’s about fishing, of course. (EW)

Everyone knows the ailing Ron Jeremy is the most famous male porn star- but why? (Slate)

Michael Chabon on Wes Anderson (New York Review of Books)

Many questions about that commercial with the pig on a date with a woman (Warming Glow)

NBC has responded to complaints about Law & Order: SVU casting convicted rapist Mike Tyson by… moving the episode up a week (Washington Post)

On the trend of characters narrating movie trailers (Press Play)

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