Benedict Cumberbatch Menaces in Super Bowl ‘Star Trek’ Trailer

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We still don’t know the name of Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Star Trek: Into Darkness” villain, but that serves only to make him more creepy.

The Super Bowl is when the big ads come out to play, including the summer’s most anticipated movies. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” fits that bill. J.J. Abrams did the impossible in 2009. He rebooted one of sci-fi’s most beloved franchises in a way that kept old fans pleased and gained new ones. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto nailed the Kirk/Spock dynamic that’s necessary for Trek to work.

Cumberbatch told Access Hollywood he’s a longtime fan of Star Trek. Underneath all the phaser fire and teleportation, the episodes were great morality plays. He said Abrams has been able to marry that classic Trek feel with the incredible moviemaking technology at our disposal these days.

“Into Darkness” is coming May 17, but will hit IMAX theaters May 15. There’s a new Star Trek: Into Darkness app that lets users enroll in Starfleet Academy. It contains 30-40 missions, with eight to ten available at a given time. It’s a free download for Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It will also include trivia and teasers about the film, including clues as to who Cumberbatch is playing.

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