Renny Harlin to Direct, Ruin ‘Hercules 3-D’

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In what could only be considered as some kind of Producers-esque tax dodge, Collider is reporting that Renny Harlin –the man who gave us such notable disasters as “Cutthroat Island” and the surrealistically terrible “Mindhunters’- will be helming ‘Hercules 3-D,” “a $70 million tentpole” that will be based around the notable Greek demi-god. The film is already in pre-production with filming set to begin this May. Apparently, the film is on the fast track to beat Brett Ratner’s (the Renny Harlin of the early aughts) competing Hercules film into theaters.

Harlin, a man whose severe directorial incompetence managed to bankrupt Carolco studios, is planning to take the Hercules mythos down an inexplicably dark path. As Harlin told The Hollywood Reporter,

“It’s not a comic book, cartoony fantasy thing. It’s closer to ‘Gladiator’ than flying horses.”

Right. Exactly Renny! Because that’s what people want and expect from a character that can punch through mountains and occasionally fights a talking, three-headed dog: gritty realism!

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