At the End of the Day: Super Bowl Fail, 3D Westeros, and Dog With a Blog to Blog Again

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“Don’t let the light go out/it’s lasted for so many years!”

Marc Maron earlier this week had the best podcast guest imaginable: Mel Brooks (WTF)

An article about a 3D-printed model of Game of Thrones‘ Kingdom of Westeros has the dynamite headline “Printer is Coming” (Wired)

Speaking of which, HBO has found a way to get a whole lot of people to promise lifelong celibacy: You can now record your own Night’s Watch oath (My Watch Begins)

The world’s greatest supercutter, Harry Hanrahan, is back with “Hit By a Bus,” which is exactly what it sounds like (YouTube)

An in-depth look at Bob Dylan and his relationship with his home state of Minnesota (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Will Leitch with the definitive piece about CBS’ absolute failure in broadcasting during the Super Bowl power outage (Sports on Earth)

Speaking of which, ESPN had way too many people on the air at once during the pre-game show (Business Insider)

After all the Bane jokes, a look at “Dark Knight” conspiracy theories (With Leather)

And finally, a jokey list of good things about NFL pre game shows (SB Nation)

Julie Klausner celebrates 100 episodes of her podcast (How Was Your Week)

The suspense is over: Disney Channel has renewed Dog With a Blog (Deadline)

How I Met Your Mother‘s plans for its final season, which aren’t nearly as spoiler-filled as you’d probably like (TV Guide)

Director Rob Zombie will attend Tuesday night’s Philadelphia Flyers game to research his planned Broad Street Bullies biopic (Anthony San Filippo, via Twitter)

Muzak is dead (Fast Company)

How “Movie 43″‘s producers inexplicably got all those movie stars to be in it (Jezebel)

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