Blu-ray Review: Weeds: The Final Season

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It’s one last roll with the Hempstress as Weeds comes back around our way, hitting stores February 12. Our friends at Lionsgate sent over a copy of Weeds: The Final Season for us to cover, and as a final season, that requires an important question be asked: will this be a blaze of glory for the long-running series? Or just a slow burn?

Once again, this time for the last time, Weeds: The Final Season joins us with Nancy and the rest of the Botwin clan. Nancy is a recent widow–well, it’s been eight years, now–who is out to preserve her lifestyle following the death of her husband Jonah. She’s also out to preserve the lifestyle of her sons Shane and Silas, as well as more recently, son Stevie.

But she looks to an unusual method in so doing, the selling of marijuana to the neighbors in her suburban development. Eventually, with sales going well, Nancy looks to cut out the middleman and grow her own brand of pot instead, earning her the nickname the Hempstress. But naturally, more established competitors don’t like Nancy and her MILF weed taking over territory in the area, and thus begins a long exodus with Nancy out to keep her family together in the midst of horror, violence and weed.

First off, many happy returns to Malvina Reynolds’ vaguely sinister “Little Boxes” as the theme song, complete with a wonderful dry-erase marker reprise of the entire series in bits and pieces. It was a joy to see my favorite theme song in my favorite version, even if it doesn’t last. While the theme song lets me down just a bit, the rest of the series will do anything but.

The writing on this show is positively electric, putting up incredible complexity in equally incredibly tiny spaces; half hour episodes go by like lightning. Loads of laughs, a few good twists, and incredible performances make this a delightful close to a delightful series.

Admittedly, while it’s sad to see this one fade away, it still went out on a sound note. Eight seasons is a fine run, no mistake, and this was a great way to cap things off. The Botwins have been a hilarious part of our lives for some time, but it was probably a good idea to call it off before they tried to jump a shark while they were stoned or something. Still, it may not be the ending some would have liked, but it’s the ending we all really needed.

The special features for this one include a set of cast and crew commentaries, a special “Season Eight: The Wrap-Up!” featurette, a gag reel, deleted scenes, a special featurette on Kevin Nealon’s Doug character, a making of featurette, audio options, and your choice of English or Spanish subtitles. Previews for Epix and Starz, as well as Mad Men: Season 5 and Boss.

Weeds: The Final Season is sad, funny, and fast-moving all at once. A joy to behold and an utter delight, this is a fine way to end a fine series. The Hempstress went out well; maybe not as well as we might have wished for, but certainly better than it could have gone.

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