Clip of the Week: Kermit’s Mystery Box

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I watch a lot of old kids TV clips with my sons, and I think the one we’ve watched most of all is this one, a classic Sesame Street segment featuring Kermit the Frog, Cookie Monster, and Kermit’s Mystery Box.

“Mystery Box” is more than just a kids skit with a lesson: It’s a brilliant comedy sketch, on the level of Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy:

The skit, according to Muppet Wikia, debuted in December of 1991, which places it about a year and a half after Jim Henson’s death and Steve Witmire’s assumption of the Kermit role. It’s also set in the days prior to the sale of the Muppet characters, after which Kermit mostly stopped appearing on Sesame Street. 

What I love about this skit is just how true it is to who Kermit is and who Cookie Monster is. And as anyone who has watched much Muppet Show can tell you, Exasperated Kermit is the best Kermit.

You can have your Mystery Box, JJ Abrams.

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