Favreau Leaving White House, Eyes Movies

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White House speechwriter Jon Favreau

Is Hollywood big enough for two Jon Favreaus?

Jon Favreau, the longtime speechwriter for President Obama, announced this week that he is leaving the White House, with an eye towards becoming a screenwriter. Favreau is not to be confused with the other Jon Favreau, the one who starred in “Swingers” and numerous other films, and directed the first two “Iron Man” movies. 

 According to the Los Angeles Times, Favreau -the speechwriter-  who has worked with President Obama since he was in the Senate and had a hand in several of Obama’s most famous speeches, will leave the administration March 1, and has always dreamed of pursuing a career in movies. 

The speechwriter-to-screenwriter transition isn’t unprecedented. Numerous veterans of multiple presidential administrations contributed to The West Wing during its run, and another former Obama speechwriter, Jon Lovett, created the new NBC sitcom 1600 Penn. 


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