‘Delocated’ Going Into Permanent Hiding After Series Finale

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I’ve got some bad news for all of you comedy nerds out there: Jon Glaser’s dryly weird Adult Swim series Delocated is coming to an end. But the good news is that the show will get a finale in the form of a half-hour special entitled “The Frrt Identity” As reported by Splitsider, the special- which airs on Thursday March 7 at 12:30am- will find, “Jon” waking up on a New York shore, suffering from amnesia”.

The clip below from the series finale illustrates everything that was wonderful and beautiful about a “reality show” that’s based around the exploits of an arrogant moron in the witness relocation program. I particularly loved that “Craigers” line. You will be missed Delocated (Oh, and for more of Glaser’s Andy Kaufman-esque comedy, check out this clip of him in his insult comic persona Johnny Ding Dong).


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