With Book Deal, Judy Greer May Become Queen of All Media

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The ubiquitous Judy Greer (“Archer,” “Arrested Development”) has inked a deal with Doubleday to publish her collection of essays, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I Don’t Know What You Know From Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star” is set to hit shelves–and presumably Kindles–in 2014. The pieces will cover the actress’ life from her Midwestern childhood to her busy career in TV and movies. And let’s not forget her work on stage (Broadway’s “Dead Accounts”) and online (the Yahoo! lifestyle series, “Reluctantly Healthy”).

Greer, in a statement, expanded on what the book is about.

“This is who I am. This is what I think about things. This is stuff that happened to me, that could have just as easily have happened to you. I think I am really lucky to be where I am in life, but I’ve never really lost that feeling that I don’t fit in, and if you have, will you please email me and tell me how you did it? I’m serious.”

Sources close to the agreement told THR that Greer’s advance is in the neighborhood of $1 million. Nice neighborhood. 

Good for Greer, who is terrific in everything she’s in, from prestige pics (“The Descendants”) to bubble gum flicks (“13 Going on 30″) to straight-up garbage (“Playing for Keeps,” where she was easily the best part of that train wreck). The book, which features pieces such as “Celebrities I’ve Peed Next To,” could be terrific if Greer is as endearing and free of pretension as she is on screen. But if all the book does is lead to her getting more recognition–and more work–I’m all for it.


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