Liars’ “WIXIW” Video Reminds You to Never Give Up Because You Are Awesome and Unique and Can Slam Dunk with the Best of Them

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Liars’ WIXIW

Liars have been one of the most creative and excellent bands existent for over a decade. Each next move of the perennially shape-shifting, globetrotting trio, now ensconced in the fertile artistic soil of 21st-century Los Angeles, is forever surprising dedicated listeners.

You never know what you’re going to get: mathy noise rock, tribal dance beats, synth-pop masterpieces, disturbing minimalism. About the only predictable thing is the vocals, almost always world-weary to the point of being near-catatonic. The fun with Liars is enjoying all the risks and rewards that keep coming and then seeing what these freaks (and I mean that in the most admiring way) will do next.

What they’ve done next, or what they did next yesterday (chew on that), is release a spellbinding video for the title track of last year’s tremendous “WIXIW” LP. Liars videos are always a treat; you’re not likely to get straight performance videos out of these cats, and they work with top-flight directors. This one is no exception.

Ever have one of those dreams where you keep trying to accomplish something — finish a project, take a test, escape the clutches of someone bad… heck, breathe — and you just can’t get it done? Infinite frustration and failure to break through? This video is about that. Will there be a happy ending? It’s kind of excruciating. And awesome.

h/t Stereogum.

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