Rob Zombie and The Philadelphia Flyers: Horrific Together

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A feel-good Flyers moment

It’s rather appropriate that Rob Zombie is planning to direct a film about my beloved Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, because being a fan of a club that hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since the Ford administration is the definition of horror.

The twist? This isn’t going to be a horror movie. Zombie’s first non-horror feature will chronicle the exploits of one of the most famous/infamous sports teams in history: The 1970s Flyers, who won two consecutive Cups by causing havoc, pain and chaos wherever they skated (as well as when they partied after the game).

Living legends of Philadelphia who to this day never need to buy a beer anywhere in the region, the team went by the name of the film’s title: “The Broad Street Bullies.” How tough were they? These guys hosted the Soviet Union’s highly-regarded Red Army team in 1976, and shook the Russians up so much that their coach pulled them off the ice, creating an international incident.

As such, this movie is likely to be a happy ray of childhood sunshine in my otherwise championship-starved adult world. Unlike the terrific 2010 HBO straight documentary about the team, this film will dramatize all of the wackiness that was the Bullies. I can’t wait to see the casting.

News of this intriguing project came last year and, as compulsively image-conscious Philadelphians are wont to do when the subject involves them — we can trash ourselves all we want, but if you’re an out-of-towner you better watch your mouth — it’s being awaited with bated Italian hoagie breath.

Last Tuesday, Zombie turned up at the Flyers’ home rink, the Wells Fargo Center, to do some background research for the film, causing a stir of course. Here he is talking about the project, and posing with some of the Bullies, and saying that the story of the Bullies “might be the greatest sports story of all time.”

Philly likes you a lot, Mr. Zombie. Even though you apparently grew up as a Bruins fan.

h/t Crossing Broad.

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