Are You Ready for ‘Big Ass Spider?’

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Often, the name of a movie makes all the difference. “Saturday Night Fever” was originally “The Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night.”  Thankfully, somebody realized “Predator” sounded more menacing than “Hunter.”

When director Mike Mendez got the script for his latest film, the title was “Dino Spider.” After working on the movie, he was convinced it should be “Big Ass Spider.” So it was written, and the finished product will debut at South by Southwest.

Heroes‘ Greg Grunberg stars as an exterminator, with Lombardo Boyer as his security-guard friend. It’s up to these two to stop a giant alien spider that escaped a military lab. Mendez told Fangoria he’s going for a “Ghostbusters” vibe. The director believes many of these projects fail by handling a giant spider or half-octopus, half-shark with a straight face.

Even the name “Big Ass Spider” suggests everyone involved is trying to have fun. That’s the movie Mendez wanted to make. It’s the kind of wit he displayed in projects such as The Gravedancers. In that one, the main characters find an envelope asking them to dance on graves are both dumb and drunk enough to do so. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well.

Here’s the trailer for Mendez’s latest horror flick. Does he have a big ass hit on his hands?

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