Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen Eye Reboot of ‘Godzilla’

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I’m still not convinced a Hollywood remake of Godzilla is in order, but bringing Bryan Cranston aboard never hurt a project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Breaking Bad star is in talks to join Legendary’s Godzilla adaptation.

The film also may star “Martha Marcy May Marline’s” Elizabeth Olsen. They’re targeting a May 16, 2014 release date. Aaron Johnson is already cast, with former The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont rewriting the script.

So far, this latest take on Godzilla has made more headlines for legal battles than its content. Former producers Roy Lee, Dan Lin and Doug Davidson are suing Legendary Pictures after it booted them from the project. Legendary says it fired the trio before they did very much work. The former producers counter that they brought the whole project to Legendary. Sigh, only in Hollywood can we have a lawsuit over whose idea a film starring a Japanese movie monster from the 60s is.

You may remember this isn’t the first American big budget take on the famous radioactive lizard.  In 1998, Matthew Broderick starred in a Godzilla remake. It even spawned a cartoon, an indication the execs behind it thought this was a guaranteed hit. It failed to inspire the Godzilla-mania they were hoping for.

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