The Eels Return With ‘Wonderful Glorious’ Album

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Eels frontman Mark Oliver Everett, affectionately known as “E,” always has a plan. They’re often pretty elaborate endeavors, such as the 2010 concept album trilogy of Hombre Lobo, End Times and Tomorrow. The group released these in a two-year span. For new album Wonderful, Glorious, “E” and the band entered the studio with no plan at all.  Their new work is released, and available in varying formats including a double 10-inch orange vinyl setup.

Everett told The Sun that lack of a plan “could have been a disaster,” but he believes everything worked out. The Eels’ 10th studio album is also their most collaborate effort. All band members had a hand in writing. Early reviews say the final effort is more dynamic than the group’s typical sound, but still instantly identifiable as an Eels album.

Its deluxe edition has a whopping 13 bonus tracks. That’s a way of giving back to fans who have stuck with them through a 17-year journey. Not bad for Everett, who once had a notion he wouldn’t live past 18. He has now been making music successfully for almost that length of time. The singer-songwriter’s a lot more upbeat these days, as evidenced by Wonderful, Glorious. “E” told The Sun many of the songs are about fighting your way out of a very dark place, and being stronger for it.

The album is available now. They start a world tour in promotion of Wonderful, Glorious February 14 in Santa Ana, California.

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