It’s Time to Go Back to School with the New Trailer for ‘Monsters University’

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Between “Cars 2″ and last summer’s disappointing “Brave,” it seems that whatever magic Pixar once had is slowly being drained away by Disney’s in-house animation department (which kind of explains the surprising quality of “Wreck-It Ralph” especially if you’re stupid or crazy and believe in magic as an explanation). But the trailer for “Monsters University” looks like it could be a return to form for Pixar.

Sure, the idea of chronicling how Mike and Sully became friends is kind of a cash-in but unlike “Cars 2,” it’s a cash-in that at least looks like there was some form of inspiration behind it. There’s a lot of clever little touches in this that leave me more than cautiously optimistic like the slug monster trying to run, the gag with the football players tackling each other and Mike’s retainer which is kind of an obvious and easy way to make a character look nerdy but still manages to work for some reason.

I’d say there’s at least a 75% chance that “Monsters University” won’t be vaguely disappointing.


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