New Trailer: Paul Walker in Dad Hero Thriller ‘Hours’

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Paul Walker in ‘Hours’

For years it appeared Paul Walker didn’t have much of a career anymore aside from the periodic ‘Fast and Furious’ sequels. But with the last couple of them doing quite well it appears we have a Walker resurgence on our hands, and now he have the trailer for “Hours,” an upcoming thriller, written and directed by Eric Heisserer.

Not to be confused with the movie where Nicole Kidman played Virginia Woolf- that was “THE Hours”- “Hours” has a pretty intriguing high concept: Walker’s wife dies in childbirth, while delivering their premature daughter. With the baby in the NICU, a Katrina-like hurricane hits, knocking out power in the hospital and giving the baby a limited amount of time. It’s up to Walker to race against time and save his child’s life:

As the father of a child who spent nearly eight weeks in a NICU, I might have trouble sitting through this one. But it does look like it has potential.

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