Helena Bonham Carter to Follow in Lindsay Lohan’s Footsteps with ‘Burton and Taylor’

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Continuing humanity’s never-ending quest to repeatedly kick Lindsay Lohan when she’s down, Vulture is reporting that Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Elizabeth Taylor in “Burton and Taylor” an upcoming movie for BBC Four. The film – which will also star Dominic West as Richard Burton- will revolve around the divorced couple’s  revival of Noel Coward’s “Private Lives” in 1983.

The film is a presumably much more respectable version of the Taylor and Burton story than last year’s infamous, Lohan-starring Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick.”

Exciting news for those who enjoy watching legitimate actors give an actual performance but what about those who crave the kind of garbage where a delusional train wreck underplays a screen legend with a voice that’s stuck somewhere in between Brenda Vaccarro and somebody burping the Alphabet?

What about the people who make ironic gifs of one-time “it” girls rolling their lifeless eyes or fainting unconvincingly? Will “Burton and Taylor” work for them? Only time will tell.

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