‘The Walking Dead’ Smashes More Records for AMC

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People cannot get enough of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Sunday’s night’s midseason premiere pulled in 12.3 million viewers, despite going against The Grammys. More than 10 million tuned in for the Season 3 premiere in October. AMC was still on the outs with Dish Network when we started the season, which certainly hurt numbers. The ratings quickly made Dish back off its stance that AMC didn’t have enough programming to warrant renegotiation. Sometimes, having the highest rated show on cable is all it takes to get a deal done.

Making AMC’s advertisers happy is the 7.7 million of those viewers in the 18-49 year old category. No show on cable or broadcast networks is matching that right now. The Walking Dead has managed this in spite of AMC’s problems retaining a showrunner. Scott Gimple will be the show’s third in as many seasons. I truly hope AMC brass don’t make the mistake of thinking the director doesn’t matter, as long as the zombies keep coming.

Also “Zombieland,” which became a movie after no one wanted the TV pilot, is now on the fast track to TV. Imitation is truly Hollywood’s sincerest form of making money.

Spoilers for midseason premiere, “The Suicide King,” to follow. We’re not kidding!

It’s hard to tell which camp leader is worse shape right now, Rick or the Governor. Both have made tough calls when they’ve had to, but are on the verge of nervous breakdowns. Rick is seeing Lori. Heck, she may become a more compelling character in death than she was in life. Lori was only slightly more popular than Andrea. Yes, we give “Blondie” a lot of grief but she’s stepping up in Woodbury. The place was on the verge of falling apart before she stepped in. Still, the Governor is unsure where her loyalties lie. There’s no bigger sin in his mind than being disloyal to Woodbury. Like all compelling villains, he’s entirely convinced what he’s doing is the right thing.

I also love how they’re toying with us regarding the most popular characters. There’s zero chance Michonne, Tyreese or Daryl leave this camp permanently. But two are already gone, so to speak. The timing for the Dixon Brothers to have some more adventures on their own couldn’t be more perfect. An Activision video game prequel about the Dixons is coming soon. It’s all going right for this franchise right now.

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