Backstreet Boys to Get the Kijak Treatment

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If I told you that the Backstreet Boys have been around for 20 years, would you immediately curl into the fetal position at the realization of just how old you are? Would you dismiss them as boy band fluff not worthy of your attention? Would you simply be all, “I don’t care”?

Stephen Kijak hopes to convince you that the now-30-something boys (I wish they were Boyz) are worth your time and attention. At least for a couple hours.

Kijak, director of documentaries about critically-acclaimed musicians like Scott Walker and the Rolling Stones, has now trained his camera on the much-maligned boy band. And he promises that it’s not a puff piece, or a self-congratulatory branding exercise, but rather a hard-hitting look at five guys who have most definitely been through the music industry sausage-maker, and have the scars to show it.

The Hollywood Reporter has all the deets.

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