At the End of the Day: Community Jokes, Girls Ping Pongs and George Bluth in Jail

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Hopefully not just for 12 more weeks…

A really great list of inside jokes and easter eggs from Community (Warming Glow)

A very good “honest male perspective” on that Girls episode on Sunday (Pajiba)

This awesome Oscar poster illustrates every Best Picture  winner of the last 85 years (

A pretty brutal evisceration of Jenny McCarthy’s new talk show (AV Club)

A revisionist take on Arrested Development, supposing the entire series was the hallucination of George Sr. on death row (Slacktory)

The Iraq War-instigating journalist Judith Miller on “Zero Dark Thirty” and “the Gatekeepers” (Tablet)

BBC’s The Hour, the entire second season of which has been sitting on my DVR for months, will not get a third season (Pajiba)

It appears Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy will renew their wedding vows in the next Muppet movie (Bleeding Cool)

Christina Applegate has left NBC’s Up All Night, which has for some reason not been cancelled yet (Vulture)

Spencer Ackerman goes full war historian on “The Empire Strikes Back”‘s Battle of Hoth (Wired)

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