’70s Legend Bogdanovich to Direct Aniston, Wilson in ‘She’s Funny That Way’

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Peter Bogdanovich

Most Americans under 35, if they know the name “Peter Bogdanovich” and are not hardcore students of the cinema of the 1970s, think of him as the guy with the big glasses who played Dr. Melfi’s therapist on The Sopranos. 

To older cineastes, Bogdanovich is better known as the director of such seminal classics as “The Last Picture Show,” “What’s Up Doc” and “Paper Moon,” as the guy who dated Cybil Shepherd, had a long and ugly career meltdown, and was caught up in the horrors that became the movie “Star 80.” In later years he re-emerged as an author of respected books about film, as an Orson Welles biographer and as an occasional actor, most notably on The Sopranos.

The now-73-year-old Bogdanovich actually made a very good theatrical film in 2001 called “The Cat’s Meow,” but that was his last feature release; most strangely, he directed an ESPN biopic of Pete Rose, starring Tom Sizemore, in 2004. But a Bogdanovich comeback is finally in the offing.

Bogdanovich has signed on to direct “She’s Funny That Way,” which will star Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, previously co-stars in “Marley and Me.” According to Vulture, Aniston plays a therapist whose mother is in rehab with Wilson, who plays a Broadway director. The supporting cast includes Jason Schwartzman, Eugene Levy, Kathryn Hahn and… Cybill Shepherd, reuniting with her onetime director/lover, more than 40 years after “The Last Picture Show.”

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