Nicolas Cage to Star, Sacrifice Dignity in ‘Tokarev’

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For those of you reading this who might be too young to remember, there was a time when news of an upcoming Nicolas Cage film sparked sincere interest. There was a time when the idea of Nicolas Cage starring in a movie didn’t provoke eye-rolls and a sense of vague dread.

There was a time when Cage was financially secure enough to not only carefully pick and choose his film roles, but do so in the comfort of an actual, honest to God castle. But those golden days are over and that’s why news of his upcoming film “Tokarev” will only serve to make you aware that there’s a movie with a weird, Russian-sounding name you probably should avoid in the future. 

In “Tokarev”, Cage will play a reformed criminal who reluctantly returns to his law-bending ways when his daughter is kidnapped. Essentially, it’s an unauthorized remake of “Taken” that would’ve starred Christian Slater and went directly to DVD if Cage wasn’t currently drowning in debt.

The Wrap is reporting that Tokarev will be directed by Spanish filmmaker Paco Cabezas, a director that Cage personally chose after being impressed by Cabezas’ 2007 horror film “The Appeared”.

 Production on “Tokarev” (or, if you prefer, Takenripov) will begin on May 2013. An episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made mocking the film will follow sometime in 2014.


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