John Cusack Must Protect…”The Numbers Station”

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John Cusack in The Numbers Station

Judging by the preview, John Cusack has shelved the Lloyd Dobler sensitive nice guy routine in “The Numbers Station.” He plays a disgraced CIA black-ops agent assigned to protect a code reader (Malin Akerman) at a remote “Numbers Station.” 

Since this is a movie, the two colleagues don’t develop a friendly rapport that leads to mildly pleasant lunches and ignoring each other’s recaps about the weekend. (“Well, then Shelley burnt the hot dogs, so the barbecue was a disaster. By the way, did you see ‘Big Brother.’ We DVR’d it. Oh my God!”) Instead, all hell breaks loose! That means the fate of the world is in…their…hands!

Here’s the preview, which originally appeared on Yahoo! Movies. Collider has the movie’s plot, along with this useful tidbit: “The Numbers Station” is the first of Cusack’s seven movies for 2013. One of them has to be better than “The Paperboy.”  

“The Numbers Station” is expected to open April 26th, according to Collider.


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