DC Comics Readers Boycotting Orson Scott Card’s Superman story

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Adventures of Superman is a DC book a lot of its readers wanted, Superman stories unaffected by the “New 52″ continuity. Longtime readers may not be as interested in seeing Superman meet Lex Luthor for the “first time” again.

But DC announced Orson Scott Card, becoming as famous for his anti-gay stance as his sci-fi works, would be one of the writers. That decision isn’t going over well with a lot of readers.

Website has collected more than 11,000 signatures on a petition to remove Card from the book. Dallas-based Zeus Comics announced it will not stock the edition that carries Card’s story. Adventures of Superman is an anthology that will launch digitally in April, with the print edition coming in May.

DC has taken huge steps to be inclusive recently. As part of the New 52 continuity, DC retconned longtime Green Lantern Alan Scott as openly gay. Part of the reasoning was because Alan Scott’s son, who was gay, ceased to exist in the new universe with younger heroes. Batwoman, starring a lesbian crimefighter, has won two GLAAD Media awards for outstanding comic. The contrast has readers accusing DC of trying to have it both ways. Here’s the company’s statement:

“As content creators we steadfastly support freedom of expression, however the personal views of individuals associated with DC Comics are just that — personal views — and not those of the company itself.”

May is a bad time for a boycott of any Superman product. “Man of Steel” releases June 14 and DC is using May’s comics, including Adventures of Superman, to heavily promote the movie. Not only is Warner Bros. desperate to get a Superman film franchise going, any eventual Justice League project may hinge on this movie’s numbers. “Don’t buy Superman comics because of Orson Scott Card” is the exact opposite of what the company wants you thinking right now. The biggest icon in comics just can’t win these days.

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