Queen Latifah, Netflix Sign Multiyear Deal

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Queen Latifah has made a seamless transition from rapper to actress, to production mogul.  Flavor Unit Entertainment, the production house she co-owns with Shakim Compere, has signed a multiyear deal to create content for Netflix.  Flavor Unit has created movies including the Latifah – Steve Martin comedy “Bringing Down the House,” which the actress also produced. The deal will give Netflix first access to Flavor Unit content, and rights to stream its movies through the service. First up are “House of Bodies,” a thriller starring Terrence Howard, and “Percentage,” which will feature Ving Rhames, Cam’ ron and Macy Gray.

Netflix is interested not just in distributing content, but creating it as well. The Kevin Spacey series House of Cards became available on the service this month, all 13 episodes at once. The remake of a British political thriller has played to rave reviews. Netflix has announced it’s doing well, but won’t give actual ratings. It’s a different thing than watching them on regular TV, to be certain. The entertainment provider doesn’t particularly care when you watch its programming as long you’re watching.

It’s currently in the process of resurrecting cult comedy hit Arrested Development. The show is slated for a May release, and all of its episodes will release at the same time also. Netflix is even dipping into animation. In December, it will offer “Turbo: F.A.S.T.” This cartoon from DreamWorks continues the adventures of Turbo, a snail who gains superspeed. He’ll star in his own summer family movie before his streaming debut.

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