MGM to Reboot ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’

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 Because the process of coming up with new ideas is difficult, scary and risky, Vulture is reporting that MGM plans on rebooting “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” a 56 year old sci-fi movie about a man who shrinks (incredibly).

The screenplay will be written by Richard Matheson (along with his son Richard Matheson Jr.) who was also responsible for penning the novel on which the 1957 movie was based. Matheson has promised that the new film will ditch the atomic age trappings of the original and instead focus on the scary technological advancements of today such as nanotechnology and touch screens and Tamagotchis or whatever.

Matheson has also promised that the new “Incredible Shrinking Man” will be totally serious with none of those monkeyshines and funny business you’d find in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” or “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”.

As Matheson told The Hollywood Reporter,

Describing the new iteration as “an existential action movie,” the elder Matheson says, “My original story was a metaphor for how man’s place in the world was diminishing. That still holds today, where all these advancements that are going to save us will be our undoing.”

Yes, exactly. That’s existentialism in a nutshell: a tiny man fighting a cat with a bobby pin. It’s like Camus’ The Stranger but smarter!

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