Two Writers Competing on Script for ‘Mummy’ Remake

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Gosh, you TV and movie critics can be so snarky sometimes. Don’t you ever like anything? Yes, yes we do. I liked the first two Brendan Fraser “Mummy” movies. They were fun tributes to the Indiana Jones legacy that felt like homages, not ripoffs.

Then came “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.” Rachel Weisz didn’t return, the studio hoped we wouldn’t notice. The O’ Connell kid got so old he and Fraser looked like brothers, not father and son. Then a Yeti defeated one of the bad guys by kicking him as if he were a field goal, and raising his hands to make the “it’s good” sign. I may have blacked out after that.

Despite the numerous indications that franchise had done enough for a while, Universal is starting all over. In a twist that I sincerely hope does not become a trend, they’ve hired two screenwriters to do competing versions of a script. Jon Spaihts, co-writer of “Prometheus,” is battling Hunger Games” writer Billy Ray. Quick now, guys! First one to the bottom of the barrel wins!

“Underworld” director Len Wiseman is at the helm. Those vampire vs. werewolf movies have made Universal hundreds of millions, so Wiseman will be forgiven for 2012’s “Total Recall” remake. The latest Mummy is targeting a summer 2014 release date, so we should get ready for another reboot in 2016.

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