Movie Review: One Life

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Today we’ve got something very special to tackle, as our friends out at the BBC sent out an advance copy of “One Life” for us to review. And if you’re looking for a great way to show off your home theater system’s power, as well as get a look at some truly impressive wildlife footage, then you’ve got everything you want and then some in “One Life”, which will start showing in theaters February 21.

“One Life” basically walks us through Earth. Its various denizens in action, nature red in tooth and claw, and in their tenderest moments as well. It’s a story of a journey through life, to borrow a phrase directly from the narration, and it’s going to be absolutely breathtaking. We’ll go all over the planet, checking out an amazing array of wildlife and environmental conditions to hear about the story of life as we know it on Earth.

When I say “an amazing array”, I absolutely mean it. We’ve got sea lions, snow monkeys, actual lions, all sorts of animals going on. Their environments are unbelievable–shots of forests, valleys, deserts, and chunks of the Arctic. It’s positively breathtaking to witness, and for those out there with particularly potent home theater systems, it’s going to be an incredible display. Magnificent close-up shots, otherworldly slow-motion sequences, and similar impressive camera tricks add up to a thoroughly spectacular overall display. Daniel Craig’s background narration is also a joy and underscores the action on camera wonderfully.

Some of this will even manage to be amazing, like the monkey nutcracker and the dolphin mud-based fishing net. When you couple breathtaking scenery with amazing subject matter, it’s hard to find anything to complain about. There’s really only one thing I can knock on this one; on my copy, at least, the audio engineering seemed a bit on the light side, and I found myself having to turn the volume up unusually high. This may be fixed in the final version, or could have been limited to my copy, so don’t let this dissuade you.

This being an advance screener copy, there weren’t any special features here, which is a shame. But there will likely be plenty to come with the full version.

“One Life” is, for the nature film enthusiast, a magnificent look at some of the wildlife that share our planet. For the home theater buff, this is a benchmark worthy of even “Jurassic Park”. It’s got plenty of room to blow away a whole lot of people, whether it’s seen in theaters or on home theater gear. It’s beautiful, breathtaking, and sufficiently stirring for just about anybody.

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