Cooper, Lawrence, Russell to Reunite For Abscam Film

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The new face of Abscam

Abscam, a U.S. political scandal from the late 1970s in which elected officials accepted bribes from FBI agents dressed as Arab sheikhs, might not sound like the most natural choice for a star-studded movie adaptation almost three decades later.  

But that’s looking like the case, with the director and stars of “Silver Linings Playbook”- David O. Russell, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence- all on board for such a film, along with Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, Deadline reported Friday. 

The film is based on a script about the Abscam scandal called “American Bullshit”- presumably based on a politician in the scandal being caught on tape accepting a bribe as he said “money talks and bullshit walks”- although I’d imagine the film will end up having a different title.

It may have the Silver Linings pedigree, but the Abscam film may owe its existence to another film nominated for Best Picture this year, “Argo.” That film, which is looking like the Best Picture frontrunner, was set during the same time period and also touched on politics without being about politics; I’d imagine the haircuts and outfits will be quite similar. 

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