‘Clerks III’ May Become an Unwanted Novel Instead of an Unnecessary Movie

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Kevin Smith: You either love him or hate him and if you love him you’re wrong. But no matter where you stand on the subject, you have to admit that the idea behind “Clerks III” is mercenary and desperate no matter what medium he chooses to employ it.

Film Buff Online is reporting that Smith is still undecided on how he will be presenting the notly anticipated sequel. Initially conceiving “Clerks III” as a Broadway play, Smith abandoned that idea when he realized that it would lose money. From there, Smith will either adapt the concept into an on-line novel, a web series or just drop the pretense entirely and just make the damned movie already.

If “Clerks III” is turned into an online novel, it will be published chapter by chapter to allow readers to influence the story because coming up with new ideas on your own is very hard and so not worth it!

Additionally, Smith will “investigate the inner life of every character” because, as he explained, is a “stoner”. Right! Yes! That is such a stoner thing to do! You know who else does that thing? Everybody who has ever written a book ever. Ugh. Didn’t this guy announce his retirement? Why don’t you go and enjoy it already, Kevin? The movie world will be fine without you.

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