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EntertainmentTell’s Stephen Silver, Eric Deamer and Brian Allen live-blogged the Academy Awards on Sunday night. The transcript is below:

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at 12:09 Brian Allen said:
Night everybody!
at 12:08 Eric Deamer said:
Good night!
at 12:08 Stephen Silver said:
Anyway, that should bring things to a close. Thank you, Eric and Brian, and thank you everyone for joining us
at 12:07 Brian Allen said:
Are they really doing High Diving with the Stars?
at 12:05 Eric Deamer said:
Well, Tina and Amy. And I liked Chris Rock and John Stewart in the past, though I understand they got a mixed reception.
at 12:05 Brian Allen said:
True, that's why so few people want to do it anymore.
at 12:04 Stephen Silver said:
Well obviously the McFarlane experiment didn't work. But what would work? I feel like everyone's disappointed every year, no matter who the host is.
at 12:02 Eric Deamer said:
The most likable and least likable people in the world on stage together.
at 12:00 Eric Deamer said:
Now stay tuned for another hour of tributes to Chicago!
at 11:59 Brian Allen said:
He's had a hell of a journey for sure.
at 11:59 Eric Deamer said:
I wish THE MASTER had been nominated and had won.
at 11:57 Eric Deamer said:
He basically only got to play terrorists of course.
at 11:56 Stephen Silver said:
I interviewed Ben Affleck on his press tour for Chasing Amy, when I was a college freshman in 1997. Never could've guessed that 16 years later he'd be presented the Best Picture Oscar by the African-American first lady
at 11:56 Eric Deamer said:
I've always like those dude since back when he was a character actor though.
at 11:56 Eric Deamer said:
Argo won, just like everyone said it would. How did we get here? So strange.
at 11:55 Stephen Silver said:
Argo it is
at 11:55 Eric Deamer said:
at 11:55 Brian Allen said:
You know it.
at 11:55 Stephen Silver said:
So we get Best Picture, McFarlane makes a Michelle big ass joke, and then we're done
at 11:54 Eric Deamer said:
The Breitbart sites must be freaking out right now.
at 11:53 Brian Allen said:
Liberal media conspiracy to prop Obama!
at 11:53 Eric Deamer said:
Anyone who doesn't like Michelle Obama is also a terrible person.
at 11:52 Stephen Silver said:
There's something wrong with Jack's microphone
at 11:52 Eric Deamer said:
at 11:51 Stephen Silver said:
I think this is going past midnight
at 11:51 Brian Allen said:
Daniel's speech is great too.
at 11:50 Stephen Silver said:
I kind of love the Joaquin fake documentary
at 11:50 Eric Deamer said:
Apparently they played the final scene of Beasts of the Southern Wild and that slap was a key moment in Amour as well.
at 11:49 Brian Allen said:
Glad Joaquin didn't retire to be a musician.
at 11:49 Eric Deamer said:
Good, probably inevitable choice, would've preferred Joaquin though.
at 11:48 Eric Deamer said:
All of the clips have been insanely spoilery.
at 11:48 Stephen Silver said:
Did she not even open the envelope?
at 11:47 Stephen Silver said:
Denzel clip is something of a spoiler for "Flight"
at 11:46 Eric Deamer said:
Lena Dunham was robbed in that best actress category.
at 11:45 Eric Deamer said:
Meryl Streep here to present the Meryl Streep award for being Meryl Streep
at 11:45 Brian Allen said:
I need to see that one.
at 11:44 Eric Deamer said:
I was as I said underwhelmed by SLPB, but Jennifer Lawrence's performance was good, don't know if she deserved to win though.
at 11:40 Eric Deamer said:
K Stew woke up again, briefly.
at 11:39 Stephen Silver said:
My memory's off- Lee did win Best Director for Brokeback
at 11:39 Eric Deamer said:
I can't wait to see what's going on with those guys playing that Unicorn game on their Samsung Galaxy phones.
at 11:38 Brian Allen said:
That's what I'm talking bout, Eric! Madder Hulk get, bigger Hulk get!
at 11:37 Stephen Silver said:
That's the third time tonight they've played the Forrest Gump Suite
at 11:37 Eric Deamer said:
It's a makeup for HULK!
at 11:36 Stephen Silver said:
Is this a makeup for Ang losing best director for Brokeback, to Paul Haggis?
at 11:35 Eric Deamer said:
At least Silver Linings Playbook hasn't won anything yet.
at 11:34 Stephen Silver said:
Ang Lee? Come on
at 11:33 Eric Deamer said:
Hay it's Jane Fonda! Or, as Seth Macfarlane would say, a very contemporary reference.
at 11:33 Stephen Silver said:
ZD30 was original- it wasn't based on any previously published material. Mark Boal did all the reporting and wrote the screenplay based on it
at 11:29 Eric Deamer said:
Now time for hacky jokes about how long the broadcast is running, even though it's mostly Macfarlane's fault.
at 11:28 Brian Allen said:
And now another introspective on the 10th anniversary of Chicago.
at 11:28 Eric Deamer said:
Yay! Definitely gotta be the best "Original" screenplay. Don't see how ZD30 can be "original" if it's a recreation of recent historical events, which presumably are based on historical documents, journalism etc.
at 11:26 Stephen Silver said:
Zero Dark Thirty should absolutely win original but it won't
at 11:25 Eric Deamer said:
Thank God they didn't make the real Argo guy come out like they did for the Golden Globes. I felt bad for the guy he was so awkward.
at 11:24 Stephen Silver said:
at 11:24 Stephen Silver said:
Adapted Screenplay time- it'll be Argo I'm sure.
at 11:22 Eric Deamer said:
They should bring back those long-haired Norwegian dudes.
at 11:20 Eric Deamer said:
There's still probably a good chance that Lena Dunham will somehow win Best Picture.
at 11:19 Eric Deamer said:
How can this be an awards show if Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham aren't involved somehow?
at 11:17 Eric Deamer said:
I never tire of watching Adele win awards. Seriously.
at 11:17 Brian Allen said:
Adele continues to conquer all.
at 11:16 Stephen Silver said:
Actually Cloud Atlas had a pretty great score, despite being a deeply problematic movie
at 11:14 Stephen Silver said:
Lincoln's was good
at 11:11 Eric Deamer said:
Were there any movies which had a memorable score this year?
at 11:10 Eric Deamer said:
Renee Zellwegger never learned to read!
at 11:10 Stephen Silver said:
I think we're making a bigger deal about the tenth anniversary of "Chicago" than it perhaps deserves
at 11:10 Eric Deamer said:
This is a great television show commemorating the tenth anniversary of CHICAGO.
at 11:08 Eric Deamer said:
Yes, but I think he won an Oscar for FACE IN THE CROWD, which is seen as a classic.
at 11:08 Stephen Silver said:
Griffith was more a TV guy, right?
at 11:07 Eric Deamer said:
So who was left off the In Memoriam entirely? Alan Sepinwall is asking if Andy Griffith was in there. I don't remember seeing him.
at 11:05 Brian Allen said:
I really want this fake Unicorn game in the Samsung ads.
at 11:05 Eric Deamer said:
Even in death Ernest Borgnine is snubbed.
at 11:03 Stephen Silver said:
Remember when Barbra was a top figure of right-wing hate? That feels like forever ago
at 11:03 Brian Allen said:
Or "Bawls" if you can find it. Apparently it's a rare commodity now.
at 11:02 Brian Allen said:
This song is perfect for the montage, should have thought of this.
at 11:01 Eric Deamer said:
Oh wow I forgot Babs was performing tonight. This broadcast is gonna be 100 hours long. Grab the five hour energy (or whatever.)
at 11:01 Stephen Silver said:
They should have ended it with Hamlisch's kazoo score from "The Informant!"
at 11:01 Brian Allen said:
We didn't think of Hamlisch for the instant montage transition possibilities.
at 11:01 Stephen Silver said:
Hamlisch, right. Because he wrote a song they can use
at 11:00 Stephen Silver said:
I remember the year Siskel died they left him off
at 11:00 Eric Deamer said:
I thought Nora Ephron would be last too, apparently not.
at 10:59 Brian Allen said:
No joke.
at 10:59 Eric Deamer said:
Oh wow Andrew Sarris! A film critic! How often does that happen?
at 10:58 Eric Deamer said:
Good to see they put MCA on there.
at 10:58 Eric Deamer said:
There's all kinds of behind the scenes wrangling over who gets on this thing.
at 10:57 Eric Deamer said:
As I saw someone say on twitter ironically Macfarlane was supposed to be this hip, edgy 21st century host but his material is very old school in a hacky way.
at 10:57 Stephen Silver said:
Who gets last on the montage? I'm guessing Nora Ephron
at 10:55 Stephen Silver said:
Like, the teddy bear making the Jews-control-Hollywood jokes, I didn't think it was anti-Semitic necessarily, just unbelievably hacky and unfunny
at 10:54 Stephen Silver said:
I kind of hate comedy that goes for edginess for edginess' sake, which has been a trademark of McFarlane's whole career.
at 10:54 Brian Allen said:
ABC had to know what they were asking for when they went for McFarlane. It's the Academy trying to show they're cutting edge.
at 10:52 Eric Deamer said:
Macfarlane has made a bunch of unfunny sexist jokes tonight, including that one and the one about ZD30 being about how women never let anything go or whatever.
at 10:51 Stephen Silver said:
I'm sure Salma appreciates that Mcfarlane doesn't care what she has to say, and just said so while introducing her.
at 10:49 Eric Deamer said:
Any thoughts on this award Steve, having seen all of these I assume?
at 10:49 Brian Allen said:
Wonder what other ABC show they're going to push hard? Although this late, they may be through.
at 10:48 Eric Deamer said:
Do they have to give K-Stew a jolt or a pill or something to wake her up for a few moments to do something like this?
at 10:46 Eric Deamer said:
I blame Macfarlane, as I do for most things.
at 10:45 Eric Deamer said:
They're going to go long, which used to happen all the time and become a running joke. They've really tightened up awards shows over the last few years, especially this year's Golden Globes, but it looks like this is going to be a long night.
at 10:45 Stephen Silver said:
I saw Baz Luhrmann speak on a panel a couple of years ago and he compared movies that have bad transfers to Blu-ray to "a friend who's had so much plastic surgery you don't recognize them anymore." I choose to interpret that as a shot at Nicole Kidman
at 10:44 Brian Allen said:
Oh surely they run over, right/
at 10:43 Stephen Silver said:
Isn't it over in 45 minutes? How will they have time for everything that's left?
at 10:36 Stephen Silver said:
It's like Bad Company all over again
at 10:35 Eric Deamer said:
The song "Skyfall" from the movie "Skyfall" on the album "Skyfall" songs from " Skyfall"
at 10:35 Stephen Silver said:
Actually that came up a lot.
at 10:34 Brian Allen said:
Read on ESPN I believe that Oher hates the movie and really didn't want to talk about it, so that may kiboshed a lot of it.
at 10:33 Eric Deamer said:
Another thing that didn't come up much at the Super Bowl was how that Ray Lewis dude allegedly murdered two people right?
at 10:32 Stephen Silver said:
Funny that Blind Side Guy (Michael Oher) won the Super Bowl this year and it barely came up at all during the hype
at 10:31 Eric Deamer said:
"Co-eds"? What year does Macfarlane think this is?
at 10:29 Stephen Silver said:
Glad it was for Nashville- I was afraid they were trying to reboot "Fame" again
at 10:28 Brian Allen said:
Oscar promo for Nashville, good to know ABC has not given up on it.
at 10:26 Eric Deamer said:
Anne Hathaway is a national treasure and if you don't like her you're a terrible person, probably misogynist.
at 10:23 Stephen Silver said:
Rachel Getting Married is a great, great movie that no one talks about, and she should've won for that first.
at 10:23 Eric Deamer said:
And she wins! #hihaters
at 10:23 Brian Allen said:
And here comes your hater explosion, Eric.
at 10:21 Eric Deamer said:
The internet is going to explode when Hathaway wins.
at 10:21 Eric Deamer said:
Would love to see Amy Adams win, just to get some recognition for an Amazing film that I guess the Academy didn't "get".
at 10:20 Stephen Silver said:
Love the cutting-edge jokes about The Sound of Music, which came out in 1965.
at 10:20 Eric Deamer said:
Previous info was incorrrect. Apparently that was only the third ever tie, the other two were in 1932 (Best Actor) and 1968 (Best Actress)
at 10:18 Eric Deamer said:
There really haven't been enough musical numbers yet.
at 10:17 Eric Deamer said:
Todd Van Der Werff is saying that a tie is very rare but there was another one in a technical category in the early 00s.
at 10:16 Eric Deamer said:
So the sound from ZD30 was mixed by some kind of Scandinavian death metal dude?
at 10:15 Brian Allen said:
Kind of amazed they even showed Django whipping the overseer on ABC.
at 10:14 Eric Deamer said:
So everyone just ignores the fact that the Ted voice is the exact same as the Family Guy voice I guess.
at 10:14 Stephen Silver said:
Wow. Jews-control-Hollywood jokes!
at 10:13 Eric Deamer said:
So is Ted like a collective hallucination we're all having?
at 10:12 Eric Deamer said:
I'm now putting Macfarlane in the conversation for worst host of all time.
at 10:12 Brian Allen said:
That is, the Star Trek fans who aren't watching Walking Dead.
at 10:11 Stephen Silver said:
Not a stellar moment in Oscar history
at 10:11 Brian Allen said:
Oh, I promise you they noticed.
at 10:11 Eric Deamer said:
at 10:11 Eric Deamer said:
Oh God I knew something like this was going to happen.
at 10:10 Stephen Silver said:
They played the Star Trek TNG movie for the Abrams movie actors. I wonder if anyone noticed!
at 10:10 Eric Deamer said:
Wow who are the dude bros who cheered for Ted?
at 10:10 Brian Allen said:
In addition to avoiding Facebook, I must also avoid my wife to not get Walking Dead spoilers.
at 10:10 Eric Deamer said:
Any truth in the rumor that there's gonna be a 30 Odd Ft of Grunts number later?
at 10:06 Eric Deamer said:
The guy who's directing actually is like the go-to guy for all live events, super bowl halftimes, everything. His name is Don Mischer:
at 10:04 Stephen Silver said:
The director of the Oscars did a better job filming that than the director of the Les Miz movie did
at 10:04 Eric Deamer said:
I can't wait for the big musical numbers from all the other Best Picture noms, especially ZD30!
at 10:02 Eric Deamer said:
Ooooh it's Anne Hathaway. #hihaters
at 10:02 Brian Allen said:
I would sell my soul to an evil deity for one tenth of Hugh Jackman's talent.
at 10:01 Eric Deamer said:
Jackman may be the only one who can save this.
at 10:00 Stephen Silver said:
Oops- the Rent movie was Chris Columbus, not Schumacher
at 9:59 Brian Allen said:
I'm upset Burlesque didn't get included.
at 9:59 Eric Deamer said:
This is a really good Tonys.
at 9:59 Stephen Silver said:
I bet Joel Schumacher's pissed they left out his movie versions of Phantom of the Opera and Rent
at 9:58 Eric Deamer said:
What a great salute to classic Hollywood musicals (from like the last 5-10 years.)
at 9:57 Stephen Silver said:
All 9 are better than "Crash," of course.
at 9:57 Stephen Silver said:
Of this year's nine Best Picture nominees, 8 are better movies than "Chicago."
at 9:57 Brian Allen said:
Yeah, Scientology off limits, Armenian facial hair jokes - comedy gold!
at 9:56 Eric Deamer said:
I didn't realize Chicago was up for Best Picture again.
at 9:56 Stephen Silver said:
I'm enjoying the Zeta-Jones mini-comeback. She had parts in a couple of bad January movies
at 9:56 Eric Deamer said:
A classic film from Old Hollywood: Chicago!
at 9:54 Stephen Silver said:
I bet that was like Rule #1 for the writers' room- no Scientology jokes
at 9:54 Eric Deamer said:
Oh thank God, it had been like minutes since the last montage.
at 9:53 Eric Deamer said:
They should make Travolta present some kind of award to The Master.
at 9:52 Stephen Silver said:
Haneke should follow the Werner Herzog career path of making a bunch of docs that he narrates himself, and then play the villain in a Tom Cruise action movie
at 9:51 Stephen Silver said:
Amour was an excellent film that I know for absolute fact I will never see again
at 9:51 Eric Deamer said:
I love it when Haneke speaks!
at 9:51 Brian Allen said:
Sounds like a 70s Marvel character.
at 9:51 Eric Deamer said:
So Amour winning best foreign film means it basically won't win Best Picture right? (Probably was an outside shot anyway.)
at 9:51 Stephen Silver said:
War Witch? is that a horror spinoff of War Horse?
at 9:49 Eric Deamer said:
The facial hair thing is basically a joke about their Armenian ethnicity, which is annoying of him.
at 9:49 Brian Allen said:
Yeah, that one just didn't make any sense.
at 9:48 Stephen Silver said:
Are the Kardashians known for having facial hair? I could think of about ten things to roast them about before that
at 9:46 Eric Deamer said:
I'll give you the Kardashian thing, but making a Gigli joke in 2013 is pretty hacky.
at 9:46 Stephen Silver said:
Searching For Sugar Man was good enough, but there were many, many better docs last year. I'd have voted for How to Survive a Plague
at 9:45 Eric Deamer said:
Consensus is that all of the doc nominees were strong though.
at 9:44 Eric Deamer said:
Haven't seen any of these yet, but I was really rooting for How to Survive a Plague, which I've read tons about and sounds amazing, tells a very important and not that well known story.
at 9:43 Brian Allen said:
In his defense on the Kardashian joke, it seemed like he really did think they had cut that. Seems like he was going "This one isn't my fault."
at 9:43 Eric Deamer said:
Macfarlane is telling tame predictable jokes and convincing himself he's being outrageous like Ricky Gervais or something, without even Gervais' level of charm and delivery.
at 9:42 Eric Deamer said:
Wow. Karadashian jokes! This guy is incorrigible.
at 9:42 Brian Allen said:
See, I thought he'd go for the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter joke.
at 9:41 Eric Deamer said:
It's about time someone tore Lincoln a new one right?
at 9:40 Stephen Silver said:
I think because there's nine they figured they'd do three at a time and keep them in blocks
at 9:40 Stephen Silver said:
I saw Lincoln the night of the second presidential debate. I came out and texted my friend- "PLEASE tell me he's doing better!"
at 9:39 Eric Deamer said:
Here's a weird thing about the broadcast: Why are they doing the pre-announcements of the Big Picture noms in groups of three instead of one at a time like they always used to, even in the 9 or 10 nominees days?
at 9:38 Stephen Silver said:
I guess the post-Katrina "When the Levee Breaks" moratorium is over.
at 9:38 Eric Deamer said:
So Argo is basically a lock to win Best Picture right? It's a movie about movies!
at 9:37 Stephen Silver said:
For you Eric: RT: @TheAtlanticENT Tuned into @GirlsHBO instead of the #Oscars? Our roundtable discusses tonight's pee-and-rabbit-filled episode
at 9:36 Eric Deamer said:
That was a good, short, and meaningful speech from those folks.
at 9:36 Stephen Silver said:
Havren't seen the documentary shorts but I have seen 4 of the 5 documentary features.
at 9:35 Stephen Silver said:
Why the Forrest Gump music?
at 9:35 Eric Deamer said:
Any of the documentary shorts?
at 9:34 Stephen Silver said:
I haven't. Probably should've taken a couple of hours one afternoon to watch them but I never had the chance.
at 9:33 Brian Allen said:
It is hard to believe Jamie Foxx is in his 40s. If anybody had told me "Wanda'" would be an Oscar winner one day..
at 9:33 Eric Deamer said:
Have you seen any of the live action shorts Steve?
at 9:32 Stephen Silver said:
Smart of ABC to schedule the Bond-themed Scandal ad between the Bond tribute and Kerry Washington's appearance
at 9:29 Stephen Silver said:
I suppose Bond reminding people of Archer is preferable to the five-year period when it reminded everyone of Austin Powers
at 9:26 Eric Deamer said:
Can she still do the one crazy long high note?
at 9:26 Brian Allen said:
No, I've never seen that one. Sounds epic.
at 9:26 Eric Deamer said:
I saw a comment that mentioned how much the Bond montage looked like Archer's title sequence.
at 9:26 Stephen Silver said:
at 9:25 Stephen Silver said:
Anyone remember the "Frasier" episode where Frasier, Niles and the dad all get dumped by their women, and they go to a piano bar, and they all sing "Goldfinger"?
at 9:25 Brian Allen said:
They actually included Lazenby in the Bond montage.
at 9:25 Eric Deamer said:
Shirley Bassey was always my favorite Catwoman.
at 9:23 Eric Deamer said:
"Bong" should've been Bond obvs. because I would never condone drug use.
at 9:23 Eric Deamer said:
This Bong thing is actually kind of well edited.
at 9:22 Brian Allen said:
Trying to follow interesting Oscar reactions on social media without seeing Walking Dead spoilers, losing battle.
at 9:20 Stephen Silver said:
I didn't see Hitchcock but heard only terrible things. And that "no texting in the theater" thing they play with Hopkins as Hitchcock is awful on about five different levels
at 9:18 Stephen Silver said:
That Anna Karenina movie was so slight I forgot it existed by like the next morning. Surprised it won anything
at 9:18 Brian Allen said:
Yeah, there's no way the Academy was about to let him talk.
at 9:17 Stephen Silver said:
So, some union-busting from Big Liberal Hollywood, huh?
at 9:17 Eric Deamer said:
So basically everyone laughed at the guy being played off but really they were censoring someone trying to talk about a very serious issue affecting the film industry.
at 9:16 Stephen Silver said:
When he said "former exotic dancer" I was afraid Diablo Cody was presenting
at 9:16 Brian Allen said:
I guess they'd get in trouble for using " I Saw Your Boobs" as playoff music at some point?
at 9:16 Eric Deamer said:
So the VFX who got played off was actually trying to talk about a very serious labor dispute going on in the VFX world and they are trying to protest the Oscars. Info here:
at 9:16 Stephen Silver said:
I guess the Academy is sending a message, and that message is, "a tiger on a boat in the middle of the ocean, no matter how it happened, is cool"
at 9:14 Eric Deamer said:
So Steve, any thoughts on Life of Pi winning the cinematography award even though it was basically all digital from what I hear?
at 9:12 Stephen Silver said:
I bet John Williams is setting in the audience like, "fuck yea!"
at 9:12 Eric Deamer said:
Jaws is the play off music this year? really?
at 9:11 Stephen Silver said:
They're playing them off with the Jaws music!
at 9:09 Stephen Silver said:
I admit it, I liked Prometheus
at 9:09 Eric Deamer said:
I hear Sam Jackson is demanding the entire Academy be fired since the Avengers wasn't nominated for Best Picture.
at 9:09 Stephen Silver said:
Yes, that's the one award Life of Pi deserves. Maybe effects too
at 9:08 Eric Deamer said:
An AV Club commenter just said "Congratulations Edgar Winter." That can't possibly be improved upon.
at 9:07 Brian Allen said:
Did Samuel L. get that jacket from Fred Sanford?
at 9:07 Eric Deamer said:
Didn't see Life of Pi but consensus seems to be that it did have the best cinematography.
at 9:06 Stephen Silver said:
Either that or she objected to the "I saw your boobs" song
at 9:06 Eric Deamer said:
I didn't like the Avengers that much. It made a gajillion dollars does it also need to win awards too?
at 9:06 Stephen Silver said:
I guess Scarlett wasn't invited?
at 9:06 Eric Deamer said:
I haven't seen many of the nominated films as I'm not a professional reviewer, but The Master, which I did see stayed with me way more than any other film I've seen in years, certainly more than Lincoln, which I did see.
at 9:05 Brian Allen said:
The Avengers! Yes!
at 9:04 Stephen Silver said:
Thoughts on Beasts of the Southern Wild? I really liked it when I saw it but it didn't really stay with me afterwards the way Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln did
at 9:03 Stephen Silver said:
And the clip Life of Pi uses is from the last part of the framing device- i.e., the worst part of the movie
at 9:01 Eric Deamer said:
The cast of Les Miz sang live? It must've been exhausting going from movie theater to movie theater.
at 9:00 Stephen Silver said:
La Luna was 2012- that was before Brave. I liked Paperman, but La Luna was better, in my opinion.
at 8:59 Stephen Silver said:
Brave was underwhelming. I liked Wreck It Ralph a lot more
at 8:59 Eric Deamer said:
Brave was the one I predicted would one, having seen none of them. (I don't have kids.)
at 8:59 Eric Deamer said:
Paperman was apparently the short before Wreck-it-Ralph Steve.
at 8:58 Stephen Silver said:
Was the Pixar short film with the little kid sweeping the moon this year, or last? because I liked that more than Paperman
at 8:58 Eric Deamer said:
My wife has seen Paper Man and says it was great. It's available for free online as is "The Longest Daycare"
at 8:57 Stephen Silver said:
there's an Oscar-nominated Simpsons short film- why haven't we heard more about this?
at 8:57 Eric Deamer said:
Steve, you're a professional film critic, have you seen any of these animated shorts?
at 8:57 Brian Allen said:
Curse you, Stephen, you beat me to the Rex Reed joke.
at 8:56 Eric Deamer said:
Okay this is cracking me up. These two are great.
at 8:56 Stephen Silver said:
I love Paul Rudd but he's on quite a long losing streak of bad movies
at 8:55 Stephen Silver said:
This is Rex Reed's least favorite part of the evening
at 8:55 Eric Deamer said:
Did he just call Mellisa McCarthy fat in a totally unfunny way?
at 8:54 Eric Deamer said:
The Flaming Lips do car commercials for NPR loving "cool dads".
at 8:54 Brian Allen said:
I wouldn't blame Nicholson for bailing on the Lakers right now. The players have quit, after all.
at 8:53 Eric Deamer said:
Nicholson is there, or else it's his wax figure or corpse.
at 8:52 Stephen Silver said:
Is Nicholson there? Usually when he is they show him repeatedly. Just like at Lakers games
at 8:51 Brian Allen said:
Waltz was great.
at 8:51 Eric Deamer said:
First Nicholson reaction shot of the night!
at 8:51 Eric Deamer said:
Good. Walz was my second choice. Jones was good in Lincoln but I didn't like the movie's message that it was a good thing that he sold out his principles to be more "centrist."
at 8:50 Stephen Silver said:
Wow, Waltz is a surprise. He was also pretty great on SNL last week
at 8:49 Stephen Silver said:
I liked all five of these but Jones was so damn great in Lincoln
at 8:49 Eric Deamer said:
If Phillip Seymour Hoffman doesn't win there is no justice. (He will not win.)
at 8:49 Brian Allen said:
Nothing I've seen. Now I'm curious.
at 8:48 Eric Deamer said:
So this is the one acting award they give at the beginning. There won't be a "big" award for at least like an hour. Strap yourself in.
at 8:47 Stephen Silver said:
Is Octavia Spencer been in a movie since The Help?
at 8:47 Brian Allen said:
This is a really long bit. Does this count as an odd-numbered Trek sequel and is Shatner directing?
at 8:46 Eric Deamer said:
William Shatner is doing a good job as host of The Oscars.
at 8:45 Eric Deamer said:
This is one of the longest opening bits ever. This is gonna be a long telecast.
at 8:42 Eric Deamer said:
Okay I like JGL so much this is working for me. The Channing Tatum bit too.
at 8:41 Eric Deamer said:
We are still within the Captain Kirk framing device. At least he's trying something different I guess?
at 8:40 Brian Allen said:
I'm just happy they're including Captain Kirk and time travel in the opening monologue.
at 8:40 Stephen Silver said:
Are we out of the Shatner framing device yet, or still in it?
at 8:40 Eric Deamer said:
God I hate it when he sings like a crooner. If he starts doing, like, Family Guy voices and there are tap dancing dogs or something I'm gonna throw my TV out the window I swear.
at 8:39 Eric Deamer said:
Guys keep in mind this isn't the REAL timeline, it's just an alternate timeline where he's the worst host ever. Or something.
at 8:39 Stephen Silver said:
Check the credits at the end of the show- I bet Mr. Skin is listed as a consultant
at 8:38 Stephen Silver said:
the addition of the Gay Mens' Chorus was a nice touch, however.
at 8:38 Eric Deamer said:
Are the actresses who are acting pissed off doing a bit or are they seriously pissed off?
at 8:38 Brian Allen said:
Charlize looks ticked.
at 8:37 Eric Deamer said:
Okay now this is terrible.
at 8:36 Eric Deamer said:
I do like the fact that he recognizes that everyone just wants Tina and Amy again.
at 8:35 Eric Deamer said:
Okay I loved the anti-Jodie Foster asking for her privacy joke.
at 8:35 Brian Allen said:
at 8:34 Eric Deamer said:
As comedian John Moe just said on twitter: "I'm young enough to hate Billy Crystal but old enough to hate Seth Macfarlane."
at 8:33 Brian Allen said:
Not after the Ghost Rider films.
at 8:33 Eric Deamer said:
I'm thankful we haven't heard any "Stewie" voice or whatever, but this is pretty lame.
at 8:33 Stephen Silver said:
Does Nicolas Cage count as a member of the Coppola family?
at 8:32 Eric Deamer said:
All those people are wrong.
at 8:31 Stephen Silver said:
Good joke about Affleck
at 8:31 Eric Deamer said:
There are not a billion people watching, just as there aren't for the Super Bowl, it's just a non-fact that everyone repeats every year. I'll dig up an article about it.
at 8:31 Stephen Silver said:
Well, he's got like five shows on the air, so someone must like him
at 8:30 Stephen Silver said:
Yes, it's now the Dolby Theater, due to Kodak's bankruptcy
at 8:30 Eric Deamer said:
So are there seriously people who don't hate Seth Macfarlane? I refuse to believe this.
at 8:30 Stephen Silver said:
Here we go...
at 8:29 Brian Allen said:
I like to picture that wherever Bruce Vilanch is, there's a big "center square" surrounding him.
at 8:28 Eric Deamer said:
My understanding is that Vilanch is still involved.
at 8:27 Stephen Silver said:
Is Bruce Vilanch seriously still writing the Oscars? He's like the Bob Shrum of awards shows
at 8:27 Brian Allen said:
I don't think Lincoln fits the White Savior genre because it actually happened. The Help or Last Samurai is a different story.
at 8:26 Stephen Silver said:
Without having heard either, I'm guessing Latifah's album of pop standards is better than MacFarlane's
at 8:26 Eric Deamer said:
Alright guys, strap yourselves in for the comic stylings of Seth Macfarlane and Bruce Villanch!
at 8:25 Eric Deamer said:
Does Kristen Chenoweth have the authority to hire Queen Latifah as Oscar host?
at 8:25 Stephen Silver said:
Apparently Queen Latifah is getting married this evening
at 8:24 Stephen Silver said:
at 8:23 Eric Deamer said:
Now Renee Zelwegwhatever I HATE!!!
at 8:21 Eric Deamer said:
yeah and some people argued that both Lincoln and Django would fit the "white people solve racism" genre.
at 8:21 Brian Allen said:
No, I am going to have to check that out.
at 8:21 Stephen Silver said:
And in the comments a bunch of people said "there is- 'Lincoln'"
at 8:20 Stephen Silver said:
Did you read that Awl piece last week taking "Crash" apart? There was a line it that was something like "I can't believe there isn't a 'White People Solve Racism' movie in the Oscar running this year"
at 8:19 Eric Deamer said:
I meant to say Kristin Stewart
at 8:18 Eric Deamer said:
Jennifer Stewart is all Oscars . . .whatevs
at 8:18 Eric Deamer said:
When Daniel Day Lewis said Spielberg has "the gift of eternal youth" did he mean that . . .literally? #Hook
at 8:17 Stephen Silver said:
I need to coin a phrase to define how I feel about "Les Miserables": I acknowledge and agree with every general critique people have of it, but I love it regardless
at 8:17 Brian Allen said:
Jamie shamelessly flirting with Kelly Rowland, and I don't blame him at all.
at 8:17 Eric Deamer said:
We've all got a little Lincoln inside us is what Daniel Day Lewis is saying.
at 8:16 Stephen Silver said:
Jamie Foxx is 45 years old. it makes sense- he's been around for about 25 years- but he looks way younger than that.
at 8:15 Stephen Silver said:
Yea, I don't understand the anti-Anne sentiment at all.
at 8:15 Eric Deamer said:
Wow. Jamie Foxx has a 19 year old daughter.
at 8:13 Eric Deamer said:
Do we want to wade into the Anne Hathaway hate/love thing here? She's an actress that seems to spur unusually intense reactions for some reason. I love her. Many hate her.
at 8:13 Stephen Silver said:
David Flair went to Hebrew school with my cousin. She was flipping channels and saw him on Nitro. True story
at 8:12 Brian Allen said:
From appearing with David Flair to George Clooney, tradeup of the century.
at 8:11 Eric Deamer said:
So apparently every year local affiliate KTLA in Los Angeles does their own red carpet coverage and it's the craziest, most trainwreck-y thing ever. They're the local news affiliate Joel is always making fun of on The Soup.
at 8:09 Eric Deamer said:
These Galaxy Note commercials are the first time Josh from 30 Rock has been seen in like five years. They didn't even acknowledge his existence in some joking way in the series finale. It was so weird.
at 8:08 Stephen Silver said:
She was doing that the same year Clooney was starring in Batman and Robin, so you can have your pick of which was more embarrassing
at 8:08 Eric Deamer said:
But yes Steve the actual show doesn't start until 8:30.
at 8:07 Stephen Silver said:
Stacy Keibler. She got her start in late '90s WCW, with a naughty librarian gimmick called "Miss Hancock"
at 8:07 Eric Deamer said:
I find that so strange.
at 8:07 Brian Allen said:
Yeah, she was a WWE diva a few years back.
at 8:06 Eric Deamer said:
You guys can probably shed some light on this. Clooney's girlfriend had something to do with pro wrestling right?
at 8:05 Stephen Silver said:
My favorite fact about Adele is that she's a Tottenham supporter, as she is from Tottenham
at 8:04 Stephen Silver said:
Adele is about two feet taller than Kristen Chenowith. This is hilarious
at 8:04 Eric Deamer said:
I love Adele.
at 8:04 Stephen Silver said:
Wanderlust, which Aniston was in, is on HBO this weekend. I'd totally forgotten that movie even existed
at 8:04 Eric Deamer said:
I mean, the Oscars are no match for a pop culture sensation like Girls. That show is watched by Millions (all of them in the media.)
at 8:03 Stephen Silver said:
They showed it on Saturday instead of Sunday, for the Super Bowl I believe
at 8:02 Eric Deamer said:
Is there any truth to the rumor that they're going to stop the Oscars broadcast for half an hour so everyone can watch Girls?
at 8:02 Brian Allen said:
It's kind of awkward to talk to Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars, I imagine. Making her present one seems mean.
at 8:01 Stephen Silver said:
The actual show isn't until 8:30? I thought it was 8
at 8:01 Stephen Silver said:
It was just her boyfriend that won Grammys. I guess she's into finding a way to upstage her own show each Sunday night
at 8:00 Stephen Silver said:
EW is weird in that it has such an institutional voice, and people stay there forever. Ken Tucker just left, and so did Lisa Schwarzbaum, but they'd both been there 15 years at least.
at 8:00 Eric Deamer said:
Sooo . . .onto the big questions. Lena Dunham I believe won all the Golden Globes and all the Grammys. How many Oscars will she win?
at 7:59 Stephen Silver said:
Oh yea, Jess Cagle is the editor of EW.
at 7:57 Eric Deamer said:
EW=Entertainment Weekly
at 7:56 Eric Deamer said:
Guy with the glasses is Jess Cagle I believe. He used to be a reporter for EW but now shows up on a lot of reality shows and stuff like this. I think he's trying to rise above his station as EW staffer, Ryan Murphy like.
at 7:55 Brian Allen said:
And how many novels are there in that series? The Harry Potter kids all looked 30 by the end of those movies.
at 7:55 Stephen Silver said:
Daniel Radcliffe is really playing Allen Ginsberg in a movie? Someone told me that but I assumed they were just kidding
at 7:55 Eric Deamer said:
So Daniel Radcliffe is still alive huh?
at 7:54 Stephen Silver said:
Who's that guy with the glasses? He looks like the Joe Buck of the red carpet
at 7:53 Stephen Silver said:
Yea, she was a teenager in Hunger Games, which came out like 7 months before that.
at 7:53 Eric Deamer said:
Alright I'm the only person drink alcohol. Various American craft beers, starting with Dogfish Head, then on to Six Point, because I'm a pretentious jerk.
at 7:52 Eric Deamer said:
Red Widow!!! Hahahaha! I feel like I've seen that commercial a million times already. (I guess I watch a lot of ABC or something.)
at 7:51 Eric Deamer said:
I thought Lawrence realistically looked 27 in SLPB. It only becomes creepy when you know that in real life she's 21 and remember that she recently played a teenager in a major motion picture.
at 7:51 Stephen Silver said:
Not drinking tonight. Wife is on a business trip and I'm alone with both kids, so probably shouldn't get blotto for the Oscars
at 7:50 Brian Allen said:
And it's from the screenwriter of the Twilight series, although nothing I saw there screams to the Twilight audience.
at 7:49 Stephen Silver said:
Red Widow? That's seriously a show?
at 7:48 Brian Allen said:
I'm drinking sweet tea, the official beverage of Texas. You might have heard we had small earthquakes today.
at 7:47 Stephen Silver said:
Yea, I had many objections to SLP. I didn't like the whole "love cures mental illness" thing. And didn't it bother anyone that Jennifer Lawrence looked 17 even though she was supposed to be about 27?
at 7:44 Eric Deamer said:
Yes Steve, I was underwhelmed by SLBP. I don't think it was terrible, but definitely not something that should be a best picture nominee, even with nine nominees. Now people are saying it's the favorite which blows my mind.
at 7:42 Stephen Silver said:
Eric, I think you posted to Facebook earlier that you're not a 'Silver Linings' fan, is that correct?
at 7:42 Eric Deamer said:
So, should we talk about what we're drinking (if anything)? That seems to be another convention of these live blogs.
at 7:40 Brian Allen said:
The jumpsuit is Wal-Mart, the shoes are Payless.
at 7:39 Stephen Silver said:
Bradley Cooper showed up for a post-screening Q&A of 'Silver Linings" here in Philly, and it consisted of like five different women throwing themselves at him
at 7:39 Eric Deamer said:
Hi Brian! Should we all talk about who we're wearing?
at 7:38 Stephen Silver said:
Hi Brian
at 7:38 Brian Allen said:
She is super cute.
at 7:38 Eric Deamer said:
OMG I didn't know ABC had Kristin Chenoweth doing red carpet coverage! She is adorable.
at 7:37 Brian Allen said:
Hi everybody!
at 7:35 Eric Deamer said:
Yes! It's incredible! It's like a little box you put your hand in and they talk about your manicure.
at 7:34 Stephen Silver said:
Mani-cam? of people's manicures?
at 7:33 Eric Deamer said:
I watched E for a little bit. The "mani-cam" is truly amazing.
at 7:33 Stephen Silver said:
I believe E! has to cut away at 7:30
at 7:32 Stephen Silver said:
I'm watching ABC. I don't have a whole lot to say about the red carpet or the fashion.
at 7:31 Eric Deamer said:
Who else is here besides Steve? Are we watching ABC or E right now?
at 7:29 Stephen Silver said:
Welcome to EntertainmentTell's first-ever live blog of the Academy Awards!
at 5:07 Stephen Silver said:
Live blog starts at 7:30 Eastern!


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