MTV’s ‘Real World’ Goes to Portland

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MTV’s The Real World was a groundbreaking reality show from its debut in 1992, presenting itself as a fascinating social experiment which, in its early years, tackled such controversial issues as racism, abortion and HIV/AIDS.

The show has gotten away a bit from its original mission, mostly depicting its participants as drinking, partying, hooking up and blurred-out nudity with the original Real World show largely functioning as a feeder system for the much more interesting, Survivor-like Challenge franchise. The Real World has also largely abandoned its format of filming in a new city each year, going to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans and San Diego for return engagements.

But for its upcoming season, debuting at the end of March, The Real World is going to a different city: Portland. Yes, apparently Portlandia has given the city enough cache to bring MTV in. Here’s the trailer, first posted by Entertainment Weekly, which looks like a whole lot of the same:

 The Real World: Portland premieres March 27.

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