Erin Burnett to Replace Soledad O’Brien in CNN Morning Rotation

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The long rumored swap of Erin Burnett into the mornings at CNN is a done deal, according to the New York Post. Her Starting Point morning show hasn’t gotten the ratings the news network had hoped for. It has consistently finished last or close to last among cable’s morning talkers.

CNN has released a statement saying it has no intention of losing O’ Brien. But it’s not immediately clear what place she has on new head Jeff Zucker’s CNN. The network looks to be producing less of the hard news that O’Brien is known for. Recent hires Anthony Bourdain and Rachel Nichols don’t scream “we’re going toe-to-toe with today’s newsmakers.” CNN may also do more documentaries under the reign of Zucker, who rose to prominence producing The Today Show.

The network still draws good ratings during elections or disasters, but those aren’t exactly a reliable long-term plan for viewing.

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  2. Although I have no specific impression of Soledad O’Brien one way or the other, I am devastated to learn Erin Burnett is moving to mornings! Erin is smart, articulate, and a hard-hitting journalist. She belongs recapping the key stories of the day, not on a show where people can only half-listen as they get ready to start their day.

    Lori Blair
  3. What a FAIL by CNN. They’re picking Erin Burnett who has strong ties to the financial big-wig banks / 1%ers over a hard-hitting journalist who makes politicians cringe. It’s clear that CNN knows nothing about what their audience wants to watch.

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