WWE Courts Controversy With Villainous Tea Party-Inspired Characters

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The last time I saw a wrestling match Big John Studd was still alive and the life of Jake “The Snake” Roberts hadn’t yet turned into the depressing pile of sadness that inspired Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler”. But from now on that’s going to change because the WWE has given us a pair of “heels” who also appear to be members of the Tea Party.

 In a strange, yet ballsy move that has surely alienated a solid majority of the WWE’s fanbase, Mediaite has reported that the WWE introduced wrestler Jack Swagger and his promoter Zeb Colter on Monday Night Raw last week. Since that time, the duo has hit all of the familiar beats of the Tea Party movement.

They’ve ranted about illegal aliens, “true patriotism” and the makers and takers; sometimes in front of the Gadsden flag and sometimes in front of an angry booing audience. Not surprisingly, Swagger is set to battle Alberto Del Rio a Mexican wrestler, at the upcoming Wrestlemania event.

So far, the WWE has perfectly captured the paranoid voice of the movement as well as the groups’ dimwitted objectivist viewpoints and their thinly veiled racism. They also nailed The Tea Party’s often atrocious fashion sense with Zeb’s brazen yet elaborate Yosemite Sam inspired facial hair and his tasteful safari vest.

Granted, none of this is particularly subtle but then again neither is the Tea Party. Here’s hoping that the WWE will stick to their guns and Jack and Zeb will continue to spew their hilariously misinformed ideologies for a long, long time.


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