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How Swede it is!

A 15-minute supercut of Swedish references in American pop culture. No, it’s not all the Swedish Chef (Vulture)

In the second-best bit of news of the day for gay and lesbian Americans, the presence of gay characters on TV has become more uncontroversial and unremarked-upon than ever (New York Times)

 Mad Men this year is really missing… Betty Draper? Critic Tim Goodman makes the counterintuitive case. (Bastard Machine)

Critic Sean Burns tees off on Lawrence Kasdan’s “Darling Companion,” a film that may have been shot on Tatooine (Philadelphia Weekly)

The next kids cartoon star to the get the big-screen, live action/CGI treatment is… Clifford the Big Red Dog (CinemaBlend)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Vice President Joe Biden’s staff is not too happy with the HBO show Veep (Hollywood Reporter)

Fred Armisen guest-starring in a web series created by Charlyne Yi called “Bandmates”? I can’t imagine anything more unwatchable (Vulture)

Happy 90th birthday, Jack Klugman! (Hollywood Reporter)

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