Bob and David Will Share the Rotten, Wonderful Fruits of Their Rejection

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Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are comedy legends who, for some reason, constantly need to sell, sell and resell themselves to doubting, risk-averse, small-minded Hollywood movers-and-shakers.

Along with “The State” and “The Kids in the Hall,” HBO’s “Mr. Show with Bob and David” was a landmark in 1990s sketch comedy. Its influence was particularly strong on the 2000s’ mind-boggling “Tim and Eric Amazing Show, Great Job!”, which took “Mr. Show”‘s absurdity to new, less linear, more surreal heights (and featured frequent appearances by Bob and David themselves).

Sadly, there isn’t going to be a new Bob and David tour, movie or TV show any time soon, but there will be a book. “Hollywood Said No!: Orphaned Film Scripts, Bastard Scenes, and Abandoned Darlings from the Creators of Mr. Show” will feature never-before-seen scripts that were rejected by the geniuses in La-La Land. The package will contains full-length movie scripts for “Bob and David Make a Movie” and “Hooray For America!”, along with brand-new storyboards for the real nerdz. Also included will be never-executed “Mr. Show” sketch ideas, as well as Bob’s and David’s thoughts on all this wasted awesomeness.

The only bad part? The book isn’t coming out until September.

While we wait, please enjoy these four classic sketches from “Mr. Show”!



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