The Trailer for ‘Freaky Deaky’ looks Freakin’ Good

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Life is hard and happiness is always fleeting but as long as the trailer for “Freaky Deaky” exists, I will be happy. Obviously as a jaded and deeply embittered husk of a man, I strongly believe that the movie will eventually turn out to be disappointing but nobody’s making me sit through the movie. I can just re-watch the trailer and get lost in a world that seems to take place in THE 70s!!!! which is almost exactly like the 70s except everybody needs to constantly remind you that they’re living in the 70s and they need to get new platform shoes before Charlie’s Angels comes on their mood rings, honky.

 Additionally, the trailer boasts an amazing collection of character actors like Billy Burke, Andy Dick, the criminally underused Michael Jai White, Christian Slater and Crispin Glover who are all giving weird, affected performances and mostly wearing unconvincing wigs to once again remind you that the film is taking place in THE 70S!!!!

 It’s hard to say whether “Freaky Deaky” will be good or bad but quite frankly, I don’t care. I’m just going to repeatedly stare at the scene where Glover struggles to put his underwear on over his pajama pants as he stumbles out of bed until my eyes bleed.



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