Why is Queen Esther Tattooed and Naked? It’s Lena Dunham’s Purim

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This year’s Purim Spieler, Lena Dunham

Purim, the Jewish holiday based on the biblical Book of Esther, is being observed next week, and like most things these days, Lena Dunham is at the center of it.

The Girls creator and star is set to direct and star in a “Purim Spiel” at New York’s Jewish Museum next week. Purim Spiels, if you’ve never had the pleasure, are humorous, schtick-filled readings of the Megillah (Book of Esther), with much of the crowd in costume and swinging groggers as they jeer Haman. The Museum’s website implores attendees of the Feb. 27 event to “wear your crowns, tries and masks, but leave your black tie at home.”

According to the invitation, as cited by

 Ms. Dunham will bring her brilliant sense of humor to the annual telling of the Purim story, which she will interpret in her own unique style for the evening’s 850 guests from the worlds of art, fashion, entertainment and philanthropy.

What “her unique style” means could be anyone’s guess. She probably won’t be naked or show visible tattoos, but will her costume entail a hooded sleeping bag? Jessa seems like a Vashti to me- will Adam Driver be portraying Haman?  And because Mordecai was Queen Esther’s uncle, will she find herself accused of nepotism?

One thing is for sure: There will be lots of women there who look like Shoshanna, or are named “Shoshanna.”


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