Patton Oswalt Will Appear on an Upcoming Episode of ‘Parks and Recreation’

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Considering that “Parks and Recreation” has boasted guest appearances from such alternative comedy greats as Louis C.K., Jon Glaser, Nick Kroll and the late, lamented Richard Dunn, it’s hard to believe that it took the show this long to snag Patton Oswalt.

 Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Oswalt will be appearing in an upcoming episode of “Parks and Recreation” as Garth Blundin a character who executive producer Michael Schur describes as,


… a strict constructionist. He has sort of an Antonin Scalia-attitude toward the town charter: The charter was a document written by the founders of the town and it should remain exactly the way it was. He challenges Leslie on trying to make changes to things, and then the two of them get into a contest to see who see who is right.

 Schur noted that the role was “right in Patton’s wheelhouse” and that “he did some of the funniest improves [he’s] ever seen…on the show”. Which isn’t surprising, Oswalt has a special knack for playing delusional nerds and insufferable know-it-alls. Be sure to watch the episode and savor the experience because it’s only a matter of time before “Parks and Recreation” is replaced by a multi-camera sitcom that will probably star Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings as moms from Hell!!!! (Ha, ha! They enjoy alcohol! Get it?)


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