‘Birth of the Dragon’ To Explore Bruce Lee’s Origin

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Bruce Lee is the signature figure from martial arts films, and his legend only grows years after his death. Thus so does that legend’s marketability. Birth of the Dragon will feature his much debated duel with martial arts instructor Wong Jack Man. The fight wasn’t recorded and only a few people were in attendance.

Lee and Wong’s accounts of the fight differ, but it only served to fuel Lee’s already growing popularity. Bruce’s wife Linda wrote in “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew” that the fight went only a few minutes, with Lee beating Wong into submission. Wong said that the fight went as long as 20-25 minutes. He also said that on no less than three occassions he had Lee in a headlock and could have killed or seriously injured him.

Both Linda Lee and Wong agree Bruce Lee was winded by the fight’s end, and it led him to change fighting styles. The movie will reportedly include the Hong Kong triad, with Lee and Wong teaming to fight them. If that actually happened, neither Lee or Wong appears to have mentioned it to anyone.

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