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I may not be as good at prognostication as certain other people with my same last name. But as a critic who saw over 100 movies in 2012, I thought I’d weigh in on what to expect on Sunday night. Once again, don’t forget to tune in to our first annual Academy Awards live blog at 7:30 (Eastern) on Sunday night: 


If it were up to me it would be “Zero Dark Thirty,” the best movie of 2012, but a whole bunch of idiots among the pundit and political class, who lack basic comprehension skills, decided that wasn’t acceptable. I’d be fine with “Lincoln” getting it, but I think we all know it’s going to be “Argo.”


Kathryn Bigelow was inexplicably not nominated, and neither was Ben Affleck, so I guess Steven Spielberg wins by default. No complaints here.


How is it possible that Steven Spielberg has never directed an Oscar-winning acting performance? That streak ends Sunday, with Daniel Day-Lewis‘ inevitable victory.


If I had my druthers it’s Jessica Chastain all the way, but I don’t see Jennifer Lawrence losing out. She was great in that movie, even though I didn’t care for the film itself, and she looked about ten years too young for the character she was playing.

Supporting Actor: 

This category has five past winners and five Actors With a Capital A, so I doubt any of them would be too bummed out about losing. But “Lincoln” was one of Tommy Lee Jones‘ best performances, and I think he’ll manage to beat out De Niro and Waltz.

Supporting Actress: 

Despite- or perhaps because of- that fact that every second of her performance was calibrated towards winning her an Oscar, Anne Hathaway is going to win for “Les Miserables.” Jacki Weaver would have a shot, if the award were called “Best Impression of Estelle Costanza.”

Original Screenplay: 

“Zero Dark Thirty” and “Moonrise Kingdom” were my two favorite films of the year, and both have very different but equally great screenplays. Mark Boal’s, for ZD30, was both a screenplay and a fully-reported achievement of long-form journalism. Boal deserves it, but I see him losing to Quentin Tarantino for “Django Unchained.”

 Adapted Screenplay: 

“Argo” (Chris Terrio) and “Lincoln” (Tony Kushner) are neck-and-neck, and I’d be happy with either winning. It’ll be Terrio, though.

Foreign Language Film

“Amour” was the only one of the five that I’ve seen- though I’ve heard excellent things about “No”- and since it’s a Best Picture nominee I figure it has to win here.

Animated Feature

Much as “Wreck-It Ralph” was much better and deserves it way more, I think “Brave” is the one to beat.

Animated Short: 

Much as I hate to pick against “Maggie Simpson in the Longest Daycare,” Pixar’s wonderful “Paperman” should and will win.

 Documentary Feature: 

As usual the nominees here are a mess, with no “Queen of Versailles” to be seen. “How to Survive a Plague” is a great, great film, but I think it loses to “The Invisible War.” At least “Bully” wasn’t nominated.

Visual Effects: 

I didn’t care for “Life of Pi,” but its effects were incredible and I think it wins here. “The Hobbit”‘s visual effects made me want to vomit, so no clue why that was nominated.


I guess “Lincoln” for this, although “Life of Pi” has a shot, too, if only for the Island of Meerkats sequence

Costume Design: 

“Les Miserables.” Does the facial hair in “Lincoln” count as costume design?

 Sound Editing/Sound Mixing: 

“Argo” for both.


I suppose “Argo” has to win for the way it juggled its third act. Why “Silver Linings Playbook” was nominated for this is a mystery. Were the cuts between the dance contest and the football bet that impressive?


I guess “Les Miz” by default, since Hugh Jackman looked so different in different parts of it. I’m just not prepared for the guy who designed the Goblin King’s scrotum/neck in “The Hobbit” to win an Oscar for it.

Production Design: 

“Les Miserables” would be the pick here if it hadn’t been so plagued with unnecessary closeups that made that design so hard to see, so I choose “Lincoln.” 

 Original Song: 

The new song in “Les Miz” kind of sucks, and if a “Ted” song was going to be nominated, it should’ve been “Fuck You Thunder.” So congrats, Adele, you win for “Skyfall.”

Original Score: 

I don’t remember anything about the music in “Argo,” so you win again, John Williams, for “Lincoln.” 

Note: I’ve seen none of the nominees for Documentary or Live Action short, so I’m not qualified to pick in those categories.

See you at the Live blog! 

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  • Brandt Hardin

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